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IPI Solutions Wins Int’l Quality Summit Award

IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited has been selected to receive the International Quality Summit (IQS) Award in the Gold category at the International Quality Convention organised by Business Initiative Directions (BID). The formal presentation of the award will take place in USA in May this year.
Upon receiving the IQS Award in New York, USA,  IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited will join a select group of previous BID award recipients, strengthening its own prestige and leadership position.

In a congratulatory letter, the President and CEO of BID, Mr. Jose F. Prieto, commended the CEO of IPI Solution, Mr. Adamu Garba II of the prestigious IQS Gold category Award.
Business Initiative Directions is the leading private organisation worldwide focused on spreading quality culture through the Quality Mix Plan and the International BID Award for Quality. In the past 31 years BID has presented its Award for Quality and its TQM model QC100 implemented in over 100 countries.
The QC100 Total Quality Management (TQM) model is a tool developed by BID for the management of the communication structure between companies and their clients, organisations and their end-users, as well as suppliers and workers, which enables managers to effectively implement their lines of business in 10 areas, from customer satisfaction and human resources to business results.
The QC100 implementation boosts the improvement of systems and processes, and helps companies and organisations concentrate their efforts in the most profitable areas. The QC100 includes the best elements, theories and systems, created by quality academics in order to develop a model which unites, integrates and changes Total Quality Management into a practical exercise, defined by specific mechanisms and based on measurable results. This model uses continuous improvement as the way to achieve excellence.

The decision for BID to present this award to IPI Solutions Nig Ltd at the International Quality Summit is based on a rigorous evaluation and analysis carried out through quality management leaders, leading entrepreneurs and experts in quality, directed by Business Initiative Directions, to recognize the contribution of IPI Solutions in terms of leadership, quality, initiative and excellence.
The Selection Committee used established salient criteria contained in the QC 100 Total Quality Management Model, combining with BID’s Quality Mix technology to adjudge winners of the prestigious award. This award will strengthen IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited position of leadership and help to improve the growth and visibility of the organisation.
In the conventions organized by BID during the past 10 months in leading cities of Paris, London, Madrid, Geneva, Frankfurt and New York, companies and organizations from 121 countries supported and effectively participated in the award selection process. During that period, those participating leaders and experts in quality and excellence submitted their votes for the selection of the current award winners.

The International Quality Summit Award, given to leaders by leaders, is oriented towards recognizing organizations focused on Innovation, Quality and Excellence. Upon receiving the IQS Award in New York, IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited will join a select group of previous BID award recipients and will further  strengthen her leadership position in total quality management.
IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited is a trusted IT platform solution provider and system integrator in Nigeria and Africa. It is a Microsoft 1-Tier CSP Partner, and a Gold Partner with strategic competencies and specialization in delivering unique IT solutions across industry verticals.