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Our strategy is to identify our client's value network that connects your business goals to values realization activities.
We deliver the strategic outcomes against which we measure our performance.

Our Purpose

At IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited, we believe the dynamic information flow that is networked up, down, and sideways, from inside and outside of the organization, is more useful than the static information store. This continuous, real-time information flow that enables the constant renewal of knowledge and is then used for active decision-making is more valuable than the best proprietary knowledge warehouse in the world.

The Value Network

In the digital age, where the amount of digitized information growing every day, globally available, and continually changing, even excellent information about the past is an asset of rapidly declining value, without an effective digital strategy. What is more, even in a hyper-connected world where endless amounts of data are literally at our fingertips, many senior decision-makers rely on producers of information that are far from the operations. Finance people, middle managers, and the IT department are often expected to provide the information they need in static reports and spreadsheets that are managed manually by one analyst and not connected to the organization’s data analytics. Moreover, it is unlikely that these people will have the insights needed to select the most useful information.

The 21st century started not only with the Digital Age but also with what the Forrester Research Group calls the Age of the Customer. Customers now demand every product and service not only to be better, faster, and cheaper continuously, but also to be customized to their unique needs, and available immediately. As a value innovation company, IPI Solutions can help you applying the Digital Age Mindset, skill sets, and toolsets to meet that customer demand. Successfully meeting that dynamic customer demand is one of their most important competitive advantages for your business’ growth and sustainability.

IPI Solutions Consulting will help you identify your value network in your business operations or supply chain. In a Value Network, all stakeholders are a node on the network that is always connected as a unique ecosystem. The location of a customer, employee, or Partner does not matter. What function or organization they work in does not matter. All that matters is the value they can bring to your network in achieving your organization’s goals. Work can be done anywhere, at any time of the day, synchronously or asynchronously. Moreover, the combination of social media, collaborative networks, and high bandwidth global Internet accessing cloud technology with data analytics, now fully enables the digital capture and access of all data about everything, so that you can gain operational insights continuously.

At IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited, we believe in putting customers at the center of everything we do, and always starting with the customer.

That is why we are always armed with the right Digital Age Mindset, Skill Sets, and Toolsets to make that possible.

IPI Solutions Strategic Value Network structure is a set of connections between two or more organizations and individuals interacting on a common platform, for the mutual benefit of all members. Each member organization in the Value Network may be organized differently and have different rules of governance when working alone or in other networks. However, the Value Network is how multiple organizations and individuals collaborate virtually or in real time and space to leverage each other’s unique capabilities and connections to create a unique and compelling customer experience.

Outcomes of Strategic Value Network Identifiers


What tasks could be automated, requiring little human intervention? The goal is competitive efficiency and effectiveness for routine tasks. A company that automates faster than its competitors, and across a wider range of tasks, will have a competitive edge. Automation is a critical Value Network identifier component.


What jobs could be amplified with active interactions between humans and machines? The goal is to take advantage of complementarity (areas in which machines are superior to humans) and singularity (areas in which intelligent machines can progressively interpret new information and redesign themselves accordingly). 

We consider Human-Machine Complementarity as of the best Value Networks of the 21st Century Business Strategy. This is at the heart of our mission of shaping a future that works for all of humanity.


What processes could be augmented with smart assistants? The goal is to add value by sifting through volumes of data, pulling out key numbers and ideas, and using algorithms and actions with analytics to draw key insights. 

A company that mines its data more broadly and deeply than its competitors, and over a longer period of time, will have a competitive advantage. Augmentation is an important asset of the Value Network.


Thinking sustainably. Working with integrity. Delivering on our promise.