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Card solutions for efficient transport networks

At IPI Solutions we have a complete range of card printers that allows us to print and personalize plastic cards, in addition to write and codigy the Mifare chip. Evolis Pebble 3, Dualys and Quantum card printers optionally come with built-in Mifare encoder as standard option, more a software to handle a database. Habitually, these card printers are used for personalizing the cards for subscribers, students, retired or simply all the cards are numbered for the public transport.

Physical access

Smart cards, often based upon a MIFARE platform, are widely used for prepaid ticketing or for weekly, monthly or annual passes. These cards can be issued at the hub itself using a desktop ID card printer fitted with the appropriate smart card encoder. Cards can generally be topped up using kiosks located at the hub. Some transport networks are now permit EMV issued payment cards with contactless technology for instant payment at smart turnstiles.

Visual ID

Season tickets should be printed with a secure visual identifier to ensure they are being used by the permitted individual and are not being passed from person to person. Cards can be personalised with a photograph at the point of issuance, this can be backed up with a UV printed image or a tamper-proof visual security element such as a HoloKote watermark.


For convenience, efficiency and speed, many transport smart ticketing solutions now also have a payment application loaded on the chip of the smart card. This enables passes to be used for low value contactless payments at transport hubs for items such as food, beverages and newspapers.

Transport Cards

Currently, contactless and rechargeable cards are getting more habitual in Public Transport. These contactless cards substitute the typical paper ticket or pasteboard with magnetic stripe. The conventional ticket requires of the reading of the whole magnetic stripe and, besides, of the printing of the data validation ( date, hour, trips that remain…) The chips, on the other hand, will be up-to-date nothing more to approach them to the reader.

It is a matter of cards with a chip, in most cases, the chip Philips Mifare, which allows us to read and write information without having a physical contact with the reader. This improvement will be really useful for rush hours, buses, underground, trains or streetcars.

Access Control for Car Parks

Access Control for Car Parks

In a car park it is possible to find owned places, rented places, shared places and places for companies.

The management of the access for different types from user is, in most of cases, quite conflicting because all the controls have the same code and it is not possible to configure individual access permissions for each user. Consequently, it is impossible to limit the access based on when the user want to use parking. The loss of a control also is problematic, because it must re-configure the code of all the users if it is wanted to avoid interferences.

This application is a solution for these problems just using Ktransit off-line access control and tracking system. In this application the user is identified individually and it can assign an access based on when the user can accede.

It allows to assign different access only limited by specific hours and days. It facilitates the management for car park places rented by specific hours or days.

Loggins and permission assignment are easily made, centralizely by internet.

It manages to drop out lost control. The don’t have access anymore

By software you can manage configuration processing and loggins.

The software solution has been developed to facilitate car park management. The access to car park, loggins, permission configurations, etc… are made by a PDA or laptop; it even can be made remotely, with no need to move a technician if the system is connected to Internet.

Once the equipment is configured, it works with the same easiness that the control of a door in a conventional garage, with no need of software or to be connected to any computer. In addition, the application also contemplates time&attendance management , in case it is wanted to use in car parks of companies where the employees accede to work from the car park.