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Process Manufacturing and Resources

Process manufacturing and resources companies need to increase efficiencies at every level of the operation, from delivering innovative services and implementing best-practice operations to enhancing planning and decision making. Together with our partners, IPI offers information technology solutions that empower companies by enhancing interactions among co-workers, customers, vendors, and regulators across their value chain.

Create innovative products and services

Manage a pipeline of ideas and align them with strategic priorities to bring new and innovative products and services to market rapidly and effectively, increasing competitiveness and customer value.

Perform with excellence

Streamline production processes, enable your people to work more productively, and achieve greater operational excellence by extracting the right insights from enterprise data and using them to drive better-informed, faster decision making.

Cost-effectively grow the business

Invest in a platform that can cost-effectively support long term growth while enabling you to respond quickly to changes in the business and market with collaboration, productivity, and mobility solutions that span on-premises and cloud infrastructures.

Our Approach

IPI Approach to value network realization for Manufacturing

alue network enable the organization to create or capture value in the market in which it operates by engaging in a set of interconnected activities.

Design Product

  • Manufacturers proactively analyze their respective markets for any new opportunities or threats.
  • They design new products to serve changing customer needs or to rival any new offerings by competitors.
  • A manufacturer’s success depends on its ability to develop a product that the market wants at the right price and quality level.
  • Produce Product

  • Optimizing production activities is an important capability for manufacturers. Raw materials and working inventories need to be managed effectively to minimize wastage and maximize the utilization of the production lines.
  • Processes need to be refined continuously over time to remain competitive and the quality of the materials and final products needs to be strictly managed
  • Sell Product

  • Once products are produced, manufacturers need to sell the products. This is done through distributors, retailers, and, in some cases, directly to the end consumer.
  • After the sale, manufacturers typically have to deliver the product, provide customer care, and manage complaints.
  • Manufacturers also randomly test their end products to ensure they are meeting quality requirements.
  • Crater365 business capability map – Manufacturing

    A business capability map can be thought of as a visual representation of your organization’s business capabilities and hence represents a view of what Crater365 program must support.

    IPI validates your business capability map with the right stakeholders, including your executive team, business unit leaders, and/or other key stakeholders.

    IPI Solutions’ Tip

      Leverage your business capability map verification session with these key stakeholders as a prime opportunity to share and explain the role of content management in supporting the very value realization capabilities under discussion. This will help to build