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Our Approach

IPI Approach to Value Network realization for Retail

Value Network enable the organization to create or capture value in the market in which it operates by engaging in a set of interconnected activities.

Design Product

  • Retailers need to purchase the products they are going to sell to customers from manufacturers or wholesale distributors.
  • A retailer’s success depends on its ability to source products that customers actually want and are willing to buy. In addition, they need to purchase the right amount and assortment of products based on anticipated demand.
  • Produce Product

  • Optimizing distribution activities is an important capability for retailers. The right inventory needs to be at a particular store in the right quantities exactly when it is needed. This helps to maximize sales and minimize how much cash is held up in inventory.
  • Proper supply chain management can not only reduce costs for retailers but drive revenues by enhancing shopping experiences.
  • Sell Product

  • Once produced, retailers need to sell the products. This is done through many channels including physical stores, online, the mail, or catalogs.
  • After the sale, retailers typically have to deliver the product, provide customer care, and manage complaints.
  • Retailers can use loyalty programs to foster repeat business.
  • Crater365 business capability map – Retail

    A business capability map can be thought of as a visual representation of your organization’s business capabilities and hence represents a view of what Crater365 program must support.


    IPI validates your business capability map with the right stakeholders, including your executive team, business unit leaders, and/or other key stakeholders.