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The Crater365 Journey
Effective data management requires a cross-functional approach with Crater365 that engages both the business and IT.

IPI Solutions’ Perspective

Good content management accelerates your digital transformation journey

At IPI, we understand that remote work has made digital formats like videoconference recordings and online chats a core part of the information deposit. Chats and recordings, along with email, are subject to audit, record retention laws, and eDiscovery. Critical records are no longer contained in a centrally controlled location. It’s imperative we understand our complex information environment and work to manage and adapt to it.

Every business process generates and revolves around information flow. With the advent of digital transformation, your business partners and customers expect answers to their questions instantly and from anywhere. It means untethering our information from individual applications or business units and treating it like the valuable corporate asset it is.

At IPI, we believe today the most valuable asset any corporate organization can possess is not more than an intelligent and organized information asset or data.


Crater365 ECM Modelling

Crater365 Modelling

IPI Solutions’ Approach

IPI ECM strategy and Implementation
We help set the scope for your ECM strategy and Implementation. Understand the four major forces (ECM use cases, content-centric processes, external parties, and compliance and risk) that define ECM operating models by leveraging on Crater365. Identify the current priorities within each. Tackle manageable slices of your ECM requirement – build foundations while fixing real pains.
IPI ECM improvement opportunities
We try to understand the root causes behind your ECM improvement opportunities. Systematically review the in-scope elements of your preferred ECM operating model to generate a comprehensive list of potential improvements. We use Crater365 to transform this insight into a future-state vision for your ECM capability
IPI ECM on Crater365 collaboratively
We help build and deploy your ECM on Crater365 collaboratively. Leverage the input of stakeholders from across the organization to determine the work required to cross the chasm from your current to your future state.
IPI Invest in change management
Invest in change management. Current content management capabilities are powerful and customizable for a positive user experience. But those capabilities mean a shift in how we relate to our information and do things (e.g. using metadata instead of folders and subfolders). Ensure users and stakeholders are consulted and informed early and often.
IPI Solutions’ Insights
    • ECM is critical to organizational survival. ECM underpins effective information management, which is vital to surviving and thriving in the Digital Revolution.
    • Engage many hands to make light work. Changing your ECM capabilities is about changing organizational behavior; take an all-hands-on-deck approach to make the most of information gathering, create a vested interest, and secure buy-in.
  • ECM is a living, breathing thing, and world-class ECM capabilities provided by Crater365 are not built overnight. We are realistic about what we can achieve in this iteration based on your organizations level of maturity.

The Crater365 data journey

IPI believes Content is everywhere in the business
Crater365 can look very different for different organizations and use cases. It can be focused on storing documents for reference and findability. Or it can be managing complex information sets through workflows for regulatory compliance, from when files are scanned and digitized to when they are archived. Crater365 is a comprehensive set of capabilities and tools. It helps you find the right mix of these ingredients to make a solution – both tactical and strategic.
Definition: Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
“Enterprise content management is the systematic collection and organization of information that is to be used by a designated audience – business executives, customers, etc. Neither a single technology nor a methodology nor a process, it is a dynamic combination of strategies, methods, and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver information supporting key organizational processes through its entire lifecycle.” (Source: AIIM, 2021)
Definition: Content
“Content is information produced through the editorial process and ultimately intended for human consumption via publication.” (Source: Barker, 2021) This description of content is important because we are designing a Crater365 ECM experience for different groups: the content author (or manager) and the consumer.

Different types of content on Crater 365

Crater 365 ECM includes documents, records, digital assets, and web content. Each of these types of content requires different practices and technology solutions.

Crater 365 ECM Standard Practice Model


Information Architecture

Crater 365

Crater 365 brings Digital Revolution to your business

The advancement of organizational processes and technology from analog to digital has been underway since the 1980s. Today we have reach the tipping point.

The advancement of organizational processes and technology from analog to digital has been underway since the 1980s. Today we have reach the tipping point.

The 3 Innovation digital transformation

IPI Solutions Foresights

IPI Solutions Foresights

As the innovations of today diffuse more generally into the global economy, IPI sees two massive impacts:

Accelerated Large-Scale Disruption

We will see a rapid emergence of newer, faster, and more direct models of design, production, and delivery. Pioneering businesses will displace legacy organizations (think Netflix and Blockbuster) and industries (think Uber and the taxi industry). Leaner workforces will produce exponentially more output, leveraging intuitive cognitive systems and outsourced or subscription-based services. Higher-order skill sets will be demanded as automation takes over in physical, clerical, analytical, professional, and creative labor markets. Think of ChatGPT.

Cultural Transformation Is Required to Survive

Since 2000, 52% of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared from the market (Capgemini, 2015). Surviving the Digital Revolution requires organizations to go beyond localized process automation to enable a culture of innovation at every level and in every facet. Highly consumerized next-gen software- and platform-as-a-service (SaaS and PaaS) offerings will put process automation (and even application development capabilities) directly in the hands of users, and the traditional role of IT will be increasingly a shared organizational responsibility. 

At IPI Solutions, we believe IT departments play a critical role in shepherding organizations through their transformation and in empowering organizations to thrive in the long term.

Democratizing innovation requires rethinking the traditional departmental role of IT. Companies that are best positioned to weather, survive, and thrive in the Digital Revolution are those that understand the potential crowdsourcing has for innovation discovery and that proactively enable an “IT mindset” for as many end users as possible. IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited identifies three functions IT departments can adopt to democratize innovation in their organizations.

ECM System Architectures

Crater365 ECM technology is mature, blending together many functions across the information lifecycle.

ECM system offerings include:

  • Version control
  • Document & records management
  • Automated workflows
  • Access controls
  • Metadata management
  • Mobile
  • Search
  • Capture channels
  • File conversion
  • eDiscovery audit trail
  • Co-authoring
IPI Solutions Foresights

We’ll help you connect the Crater365 ECM roadmap to your work initiatives to achieve your organization’s objectives

Crater365 ECM Strategy Scoping Framework

Any number of forces may impact your ECM operations. Use IPI Solutions’ Crater365 ECM strategy scoping framework to identify and prioritize the most important and urgent elements.

Crater365 ECM Operational Assessment

Building a well-informed roadmap means understanding your current complexity and improvement opportunities. Use IPI Solutions Crater365 ECM operational assessment to elicit these insights.

Crater365 ECM Roadmap Development Framework

Realizing your ECM vision requires a coordinated project plan. Use IPI Solutions Crater365 ECM roadmap development framework to build a comprehensive, detailed action plan in an à la carte fashion


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