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Importance and value of running a Digital Business Operation

A twenty first century compliant organization runs as a fully digital operation. Running a digital organization should not be confused with having offices that are equipped with computers and other digital devices used for work. An organization might have computers on all its desks and still be an analog operation.

What makes a company or organization digital is determined by the process with which it runs its documentation.

Prior to the advent of computers, typewriters were the official machines used for documentation in the workplace. That changed when typewriters were disrupted into non-existence by computers.

The workplace of the twenty-first century is currently at the threshold of a new era as far as organizational administration is concerned. This time, the new shift is not away from computers, but away from paper.

The new technology is disrupting the use of paper around the office and moving into full digital documentation.

A digital office is optimized to originate, process, sort, organize, transfer and store documents in a digital format from end to end without having to make a recourse to paper at any point. In essence, the twenty-first century digital workplace is paperless.

This digital automation is built on the backbone of an Electronic Content Management System (ECMS) like the Crater365 Platform, which completely automates the entire spectrum of administrative communication and documentation.

Crater 365 ECMS in particular offers a comprehensive package that helps organizations undergo a total transformation from the analog mode to becoming fully digital.

While a typical analog operation typically piles up paper as business activities increase over time, creating a clog in terms of accessibility as older documents get buried away, digital documents are accessible with a few clicks at any time, even ten years from date of initial origination of the document.