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Thinking of ditching your current paper based analog workplace system and get your workplace transformed into a digital modern office, but you don’t know how, or the entire process seem complex and nebulous?

That’s exactly why Creta365 helps you do, with no hassles and zero worries; you won’t have to break a sweat.

Not many companies can make the move in one fell swoop, as a number of consideration might be in place, as to why it might not be executed in a turnkey approach. It can be done in phases at your own pace.

Creta365 solution is designed to accommodate graded transitions with our modules/microservices.

You can think of our microservices as the various components of workplace digitization broken down into functional units.

We commence the process by digitizing current documents that exist in hard copies, and storing them up in your own unique repositories

And then you can subscribe to adopt any of the Creta365 microservices that meets current pressing needs in the workplace.

As you enjoy the convenience of the microservice, it becomes easier to see how adding more can further improve staff experience around the office.

You can subscribe to more microservices on a need basis, from our various microservices available on Creta365 Platform. This include: onboarding, comments and minutes, signature, file service, roles and permission, memo, authentication, correspondence flow

Our commitment is to keep increasing the modules and microservices as customer needs grow and are identified, because we recognize that building a digital workplace is a process, and not just an event.