IPI supports insurance carriers with omni-channel delivery solutions


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Insurance carriers are focusing on sales and service to drive organic growth, new social and mobile channels to provide a seamless and contextual customer experience, business analytics to gain insight into risk and business performance, and core system modernization to improve IT cost ratios and optimize new product development. IPI Solutions supports insurance carriers in driving customer acquisition and retention, achieving break-through business insight and supporting mission critical operations.

Omni-channel experience

IPI supports insurance carriers with omni-channel delivery solutions to increase customer engagement, channel optimization, customer retention, and premium growth, by enabling carriers to be present in the financial lives of their customers any time, any place, across any channel or device.

Customer relationship management & producer enablement

IPI supports insurance carriers with solutions to fuel growth, improve customer satisfaction, and differentiate products and services in the market. This is accomplished by merging customer interactions, customer insights, social sentiment, big data, and internal expertise to better enable the agents, brokers, call center staff and other front-line staff to demonstrate customer intimacy.

Employee mobile & digital experiences

IPI supports insurance agents, brokers, and customers with applications and devices that help deliver insights at the point of interaction, helping to digitize transactions, streamline processes, and improve sales performance and customer service levels.


IPI supports insurance carriers with self-help business intelligence solutions to deliver breakthrough insight into business performance and profitability, improve combined and loss ratios, and provide an integrated view of enterprise-wide risk exposure.

Core system modernization

IPI supports insurance carriers with mission-critical technologies on-premises and in the cloud to help improve IT cost ratios, modernize core systems, and put in place new capabilities in the core to better support the business.