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IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited: # 1 Cloud Marketplace For Microsoft Products

In today’s modern businesses, threat of conventional competitors plays a major role. Very few conventional competitors own the idea of ‘small business’. Even though, a large number of high-profile management and technology firms exist, most of these firms have a reputation for being exorbitantly expensive and very theoretical for small business owners who have practical and short-term concerns. Nevertheless, there is potential for these firms to open distinct teams of support focused on this marketplace.

IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited is one of the leading, Tier- 1 Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) in Nigeria. IPI Solutions responds to entrepreneurs’ need for practical business and marketing services to turn entrepreneur’s innovative ideas into the successful business ventures. During the initial days, through interaction with a number of aspiring entrepreneurs, the cloud solutions provider company had discovered a willing market of clients, who were eager to take advantage of the IT skills, understanding, and insight into their businesses. The IPI Solutions’ exclusive focus is on small businesses. Their goal is to own the idea of ‘small business’ or ‘small business consulting’ in the minds of their target market.

IPI Solutions is a certified Gold Partner with HP, Microsoft & Oracle and recently has been recognized by CIO Review as ‘100 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Providers and also conferred the title of an ‘Elite Member of the World Confederation of Business’ from Houston Texas in recognition of its business excellence and best practice across organizations. The team at IPI Solutions begins from ideation and conceptualization to implementation of harmonious digital solutions that induce new experiences for clients and their stakeholders. Their deployment service consultants work with customer organizations, to deploy and adopt Microsoft technologies efficiently and cost-effectively in order to help in minimizing risks over most complex initiatives.

Successful Entrepreneur & Visionary

Adamu Garba II is the Founder & CEO of IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited. Adamu plays an instrumental role in molding the CSP company to compete against the global elite companies from the technology industry. His passion, professionalism, focus, effectiveness, loyalty is unquestionable. Adamu has continually worked hard to sustain the company and made them appear as the outstanding service provider in its delivery. His ability to focus, even on the minute details surrounding the company is second to none.

Remarkable Microsoft Solutions

When it comes to Microsoft Solutions, IPI Solutions prides itself as the best in the industry so far. The Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft provides a vast number of solutions such as Office 365, Microsoft EMS, Microsoft Azure, MS Dynamics 365, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint mentioned in detail as follows.

  • Rights Management as a Service: RMS is an information protection solution for organizations that want to protect their data in today’s challenging working environment.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service: The Azure Site Recovery contributes to client’s business continuity and DRS by orchestrating replication, failover and recovery of virtual machines and physical servers.
  • Device Management as a Service: Since, hardware is the backbone of any IT infrastructureIPI Solutions have all the necessary competencies to build the foundation of enterprise infrastructure of any complexity.
  • Identity Management as a Service: In the cloud, services include synchronization and SSO, 3rd party SaaS applications, application access panel, multi-factor authentication and self-service password reset.
  • PAAS: Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines allow users to deploy a wide range of computing solutions in an agile way. With Virtual Machines, one can deploy nearly instantaneously and pay only by the minute and with Windows, Linux, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM, SAP, and BizTalk, users can deploy any workload, in any language, and on nearly any operating system.
  • Productivity as a Service: Office 365 refers to subscription plans that include access to Microsoft®Office applications, Skype for business web conferencing, email for business, online storage with One Drive, and Skype minutes from home.
  • IT Audit and Assessment: Services include core infrastructure optimization, data center management and virtualization, device deployment and management, IT process and compliance, business productivity infrastructure optimization, collaboration, messaging, and unified communications.
  • GRC: IPI Solutions offer audit, continuity, compliance, incident, policy, risk, security operations, threat, vendor and vulnerability risk management services.

Client Satisfaction Services

IPI Solutions Nigeria Ltd aims toward providing complete client oriented services. This can be tracked by the probability of customer referrals to another due to the company’s high standard of services and the brand. So, IPI Solutions are really working tirelessly to ensure that their customers derive satisfaction from their high standard products and services based on whether their need is met effortlessly and in a convenient way in turn making them their privileged and loyal customers.

Bright & Promising Future

The long term vision of IPI Solutions Nigeria Ltd, is to become the most valuable business technology solution provider in Africa. The future of the CSP company is to properly adapt the service model in line with cloud service delivery. However, with the shifting trend in the technology landscape, Adamu and his team has recognized the need to do more. Hence, the company is accelerating to fully provide solutions and services across the 39 Sub-Sahara Africa countries within the Jurisdiction. As the Microsoft CSP partner, IPS Solutions will provide licenses and positioned cloud related services.