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IPI solutions wins international quality award

“IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited has been presented with the International Quality Summit (IQS) Award in “Gold Category in Business Prestige and Business Excellence” at the International Quality Convention organized by Business Initiative Directions (BID). The award was formally presented to the company in New York, USA on Monday, 29thMay, 2017.

Speaking at the award presentation, Mr. Jose F. Prieto, President and CEO of Business Initiative Directions (BID), congratulated the award recipients for their relentless pursuit and dedication to quality management.

As the leading private organization worldwide with a primary focus on spreading quality culture through the Quality Mix Plan and the International BID Award for Quality, BID has presented its Award for Quality and TQM model QC100 implemented in several countries all over the world.

BID’s QC100 Total Quality Management (TQM) standard is a quality management model captured in the BID 100 Points of Quality Program which gives a detailed approach to permanent supervision of company efforts focused on achieving excellence. The goal is to create total company awareness in which each and every person is able to “do it better”. In order to achieve this goal they must accept the commitment to fulfil the guidelines set by the BID 100 Points Quality.

The BID QC100 focuses on the management of the communication structure between companies and their clients, organizations and their end-users, as well as suppliers and workers, which enable managers to effectively implement their lines of business in 10 areas, from Customer Satisfaction and Human Resources to Business Results. The QC100 implementation boosts the improvement of systems and processes, and helps companies and organizations concentrate their efforts on the most profitable areas. This model uses continuous improvement as the way to achieve excellence.

Winners of the award were subjected to rigorous evaluation and analysis carried out through quality management leaders, leading entrepreneurs and experts in quality, directed by BID and IPI Solutions was successful in all the stages. The award is recognition of IPI Solutions’ dedication and contribution to Leadership, Quality, Initiative and Excellence.

Receiving the award on behalf of IPI Solutions, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr. AdamuGarba II thanked the award organizer for the recognition and maintained that “this award will strengthen IPI Solutions’position of leadership and help to improve the growth and visibility of the organization”. He continued “our company accepts quality as a factor of development to become more competitive. IPI Solution Nigeria Limited is committed to publicizing this Quality Culture with employees, suppliers, clients and the community, supported by the QC 100 Total Quality Management Model”. He restated the company’s commitment to the QC 100 quality ideals including the following seven (7) principles

Mr. Garba concluded that “the achievement of these seven principles by IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited will foster improvement for clients, employees, suppliers and all of the other persons who make up the company.”

The International Quality Summit Award, given to leaders by leaders, is oriented towards recognizing organizations focused on Innovation, Quality and Excellence. With the presentation of the award in New York, USA, IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited has now joined a select group of previous BID award recipients and will further strengthen her commitment to total quality management ideals.

IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited is a leading cloud infrastructure solutions provider, offering enterprise cutting edge cloud services within and outside Nigeria. The company is a Microsoft 1-Tier Cloud Solutions Partner (CSP) and also Gold Partner with strategic competencies and specialization in delivering unique, cloud-based IT solutions across industry verticals.