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IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited: Building IT Solutions Efficiently

Back in 2008 IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited was founded with the focus centered on building IT solutions around Microsoft Technology. Since then, IPI has evolved over the years as the most trusted IT solution provider and system integrator in both Nigeria and Africa. It is a Microsoft Tier-1 Cloud Solutions Provider Partner, and a Gold Partner with strategic competencies and specialization in delivering unique IT solutions across industry verticals. The company encompasses a variety of options to assess, deploy, manage, monitor and troubleshoot small to large IT infrastructures. Whether the clients want on-site support, remote monitoring or an always-available help desk, IPI provides the ideal solution for its client’s business with the help of its expertise in bridging the gap from technical platform to business process.
The Farsighted Leaders
Adamu Jauro Garba II, is the Founder and CEO, and Chris Emeka is the Chief Operations Officer IPI Solutions Nigeria LTD. Adamu was born thirty-five years ago in Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria to a family of Malam Garba Adamu Jauro Buba, an Islamic Scholar and Hajiya Hadiza Adamu Garba, a petty trader. He founded IPI Solutions in order to curb the ills which plagued the business technology solution industry at a time where the norm in the industry was to focus on only sales margin and not on effective and conclusive project delivery.
On the other hand, before joining IPI Nigeria, Chris used to serve as an Inside Sales Account Manager in Microsoft, and Trainer/Inside Sales Account Manager in Vodafone UK. Chris has completed his Marketing degree from Vietnam National University, and later on he pursued BSc in Medical Microbiology and Bacteriology from University of Calabar, and BTech from National University of Singapore.
Attributing Success
When it comes to success, IPI Nigeria attributes it to following reasons:

  • Competency: IPI Nigeria is a very competent organization which consists of skilled and highly certified employees who efficiently deliver the services and solution on the client’s table.
  • Focus: The organization entirely focuses on getting the right result for the customer. IPI always tries to put result first over any other consideration while delivering solution to the customers.
  • Never give up: The potent team of IPI never gives up. The team always focuses and makes sure that it brings the right outcome for the client. They patiently stay as long as it takes to get the right result for the client. They do this with great determination.
  • United force – The team is a united force in the organization – They operate a ‘militarized’ structure in their business approach and that gives them a chain of command that is highly efficient in information dissemination among the staff and with that they are able to have a daily unified force, and a common goal leading to efficient service delivery. Thus, their unity is one of the factors differentiating them from others.
  • Focus – The team always focuses extensively on what they know how to do best. They don’t try to do everything like some organizations in the technology industry. They pick what they are good at and then keep pushing hard until they get the best out of it.
  • Popularity of solutions – This has to do with how effective IPI’s solutions are for any organization that adapt to it, especially cloud. The company not only sells Microsoft cloud, but also sells the productivity output, service efficiency offered by those cloud solutions. This, more than everything else, made IPI’s products popular in the market. IPI Solutions do support & implementation and also cater for a specific requirement for any organization. That is what makes the company’s solutions popular, especially Microsoft cloud.
  • Customer satisfaction – Customer satisfaction is the biggest driving force which inspires the company to keep aiming for greater heights.

Dodging Initial Roadblocks
According to the company, in its initial years, the main challenge that IPI faced was trust factor. As its employees lacked prior history of service delivery, most of the organizations were skeptical in releasing projects that were technology driven. However, slowly the organization has been able to overcome all that. IPI’s hawk eyed focus on Microsoft technology has helped the organization to a large extent. The company was able to build a unique brand which was completely relevant to its sustained growth. Eventually, IPI also built skilled capacity around Microsoft technology. Thanks to this niche, the organization was able to distinguish and differentiate itself in the market as a preferred Microsoft partner. In a nutshell, IPI Nigeria’s focus in Microsoft solutions helped the organization to overcome initial challenges.
When it comes to tackling competition, IPI Solutions always tries to focus, and to be professional. The organization’s main goal is to focus and excel in the cloud space which has earned it a lot of awards and accolades for it. According to IPI, unlike its competitors it will never be caught in the web of offering all solutions, rather IPI always tries to concentrate and apply its personal capabilities and resources to develop unique solutions based on international best practices. IPI Solution’s overall goal is to empower its customers by adding value to their businesses, increasing productivity, enabling efficient business operations and more importantly, by enhancing ROI.
What’s in the Store
For the future, IPI Solutions aims at offering unparalleled solutions from which both the company and its customers will get advantages. Currently the company is developing its own intellectual property in order to help integrate solutions for its existing and prospective customers. In the short run, the company will keep on responding to technological needs of the industry by developing cutting edge cloud solutions aimed at improving productivity and business efficiency. As a Microsoft CSP partner, IPI Solutions has recently developed an ordering portal for Microsoft cloud products where one can easily pay by foreign exchange or by the local currency, Naira. The self-service portal enables customers and partners, who wish to purchase Microsoft products, to independently initiate and conclude their ordering process online.
The IPI Solutions team is presently working to rollout new products later in the year which include, Gloome, DaaS, CsaaS, and Centrum.com.ng.