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Anya Ifunanya


Anya Ifunanya C. is the GGM/CEO of IPI Group Limited.

Her journey started in the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She further developed her skillset by acquiring certifications in project management and communication skill from ASETnig and Applied Scrum for Agile Project Management from the University of Maryland.

In her 7 years of experience, she has worked closely with clients and staff of the firm, making a significant impact in the transformation and digitization of our client businesses. She has been instrumental in guiding the growth and development of all our IPs, and with a great attention to detail has ensured that the goals and the expectations of the organization is met.

She currently manages the five (5) companies of IPI Group Limited, which comprises of:

  • IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited
  • IPI Strategy Partners Limited
  • IPI Farms and Confectioneries Limited
  • IPI Printing and Scanning Limited
  • Gloomme Business Connections Limited

Providing services that includes Advisory Consulting, Managed Services, Digital Transformations, Business System Automation, Industrial Automation, and Cyber Security. And Solutions that encompass Cloud Infrastructure and Management, Cloud Application Development Services, Data Platform and Analytics, Mobility and Security. Each tailored around project Services, Management Services, and Intellectual Property Development.

She does not believe in the word “impossible”, but believes that you can achieve anything, but only if you truly want it and work for it.