Word Search Upgraded with Office 365

June 6, 2018
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June 6, 2018 Esther Wilson

Microsoft Office 365 has made it possible to search for words in your images in Office 365. You can now easily unlock content inside of images easily with this new search capability in Office 365. Earlier this year, Microsoft rolled out an automatic detection of images that are uploaded to SharePoint and One Drive. This intelligence identifies whether an image is a whiteboard, a receipt, outdoors, a business card, an X-ray and many other types. You can then search for ‘whiteboard’ and you’ll see all the whiteboard photos you’ve captured and uploaded.

Now, as announced at Ignite, any printed words in an image are automatically detected, extracted and made searchable. Using computer vision technology, when you upload the image, the location data (if available) from a photograph (such as Oslo, Norway), and the identification and extraction of text will happen automatically and become searchable. You can search in SharePoint, OneDrive or Office.com to find your captures.

Visual Content Intelligence:

You can simplify your work life by taking advantage of the visual content intelligence.  As we all know, many people are able to complete expense reports for travel while at a restaurant, snap a photo of the receipt. You can do this directly from the One Drive mobile app, Office Lens mobile app, or just upload a photo you’ve taken with your device. Later on, when you go to file your expenses, you don’t have to remember where you stored it, but instead can search for something that you remember about the expense.

For example:

trust me, this is as easy as it looks and I’m sure every OneDrive user would be thrilled to have this. You should too. news source: Microsoft.


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