June 6, 2018 Chinenye Ifebirinachi

75% reduction in storage costs and 70% cut in time spent on data collection

Maritz rapidly scales up unified data model 2.5x and scales down to minimize cost

Bring together all of the data you need
Data volumes are exploding—from traditional point-of-sale systems and e-commerce websites to new customer sentiment sources like Twitter and IoT sensors that stream data in real time using Apache Hadoop and Spark. By analysing a diverse dataset from the start, you’ll make more informed decisions that are predictive and holistic rather than reactive and disconnected.

integrate big data from across the enterprise value chain and use advanced analytics in real time to optimize supply-side performance and save money. Embrace proactive measures with a live view into your supply chain—assess inventory levels, predict product fulfilment needs, and identify potential backlog issues.