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Solutions as a Service

The need to create a digital workplace is real yet is characteristically strained with many of today’s common pitfalls. A typical intranet life cycle is quite short with renewal unavoidable. Traditional company intranet portals grow stale, suffer from lack of use and diminishing employee engagement, and ultimately require replacement within 3 to 5 years

Looking to redefine your corporate intranet? IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited’s Intranet as a Service offering.

At IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited, we have a cloud-hosted, flexible collaboration and productivity solution for the enterprise. Incorporating social technology, mobile enablement, analytic reporting, and cloud services, we deliver an engaging, employee-centric portal making it THE modern intranet solution.

A fully-hosted, professionally designed, developed and supported intranet solution, we provide the necessary building blocks to increase employee engagement and innovation within weeks, not months. Leveraging cloud services and Microsoft SharePoint, IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited delivers a world-class collaborative intranet solution developed by users, for users at a fraction of the cost​.