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Skype for Business

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Reduce costs and unify communications with Skype for Business.

As workers become more mobile and companies seek greater efficiencies and cost-cutting, the divide between real-time communication (phone/voicemail) and productivity-based communication (email, instant messaging and presence) continues to grow. There is a solution, however. Discover Skype for Business – Microsoft’s enterprise ready unified communications platform, built to manage all of your communication channel tools including mobile devices to deliver complete communication services.

Formerly Microsoft Lync, Skype for Business combines instant messaging, voice, online meetings and video conferencing, providing your users with a rich and consistent experience without the headaches of dealing with multiple systems. Using your existing data network your computers perform like advanced VoIP phones – users can click to call any contact in their address book. Voicemail and faxes arrive in your inbox where you can sort, prioritize and forward them just like an email; all of which enables you to be more efficient and productive while saving money.

For most companies though, unified communications is difficult to deliver because of the multitude of systems and technologies that need to integrate; with Skype for Business, it’s easy and this is where IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited can help. With our certified engineers and breadth of experience in the different aspects of communication technologies, we can develop and implement a cohesive unified communications strategy via a single platform to deliver business value.