Skype for Business and it’s Benefits

June 29, 2017
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June 29, 2017 IPI Solutions Limited

Prior to this post, we have been discussing skype and its functionality to business on our blog post. Today we would study on more benefits that Skype offers to business and how it aids productivity.

As we know Skype for Business is a platform that integrates different channels or department within and outside the organization or a particular building for online meetings or communications regarding a business. Skype aids productivity and saves time due to the simplicity of its usage. With Skype team members are able to save time and focus on a project to be achieved because communication can be made without having to leave the present location, this is done through the features that come with Skype.

Some features of Skype for business.

instant messaging (IM)

video conferencing, this is usually a Multiparty high-definition (HD) video and content sharing for real-time collaboration between team members.

Voice over IP

Transfer of files

Email messaging

It is also possible to Record and archive IM, conferencing sessions and sign-in logs when using Skype

Retrieving of lost information: this is possible through the backed up files from different conversations you’ve had with people on your contact list.

Schedules: Skype has a feature with which you can fix a schedule for activities to be done. This serves as a reminder, so you don’t forget meetings and appointments. It automatically reminds you of a scheduled plan.

A very notable feature of Skype is the ability to function across Windows, Apple and Android devices.

It’s important to note that the availability of some specific features depends on the type of deployment, such as desktop versus mobile and server versus cloud you are operating from.


Benefits of Skype Business.

  1. Accessibility: with Skype, you can access any current information you are working or your team members are working without the hindrance of location as long as connected to the internet.
  2. Cost effective: Skype is cost effective as it allows for easy access to work activities without having to move from one environment to the other.
  3. With the instant messaging delay in delivery is avoided
  4. The Proper understanding of a project is usually achieved through video conference calls.

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