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July 4, 2017
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July 4, 2017 IPI Solutions Limited

On today’s working productively with Microsoft Edge, we are going to discuss how to make web note. Microsoft Edge is the only browser that lets you take notes, write, doodle, and highlight directly on web pages. You can add a few secret ingredients to a recipe to share with your fellow amateur chefs, collaborate on a new project with your co-workers, or have fun with your kids—and then save your Web Note for later or share it with others.

  • Steps in Making Web Notes
  1. Select Make a Web Note to display the Web Note toolbar, and then you can:
  2. Select Draw to draw on the page. When the Draw tool is active, select it again to adjust color or tool size.
  3. Select Highlight to highlight content on the page. When the Highlight tool is active, select it again to adjust color or tool shape.
  4. Select Erase to erase everything you’ve added using the Draw and Highlight When the Erase tool is active, select Erase again and select Erase All.
  5. Select Add a typed note to add a comment, select the place on the page where you want to anchor the comment, and then enter the comment.
  6. Select Clip to clip part of a page, and then drag to select the region of the web page you want to clip. Release your finger or mouse, and then to save, share, or copy what you clipped, select the Save button that appears next to the clipped region.
  7. When you’re done creating a Web Note, you can:
  8. Select Save on the Web Note toolbar to save the Web Note to your Favourites, Reading List, and OneNote.
  9. Select Share on the Web Note toolbar to share the Web Note via OneNote or to your Reading List.
  10. Select Exit on the Web Note toolbar to close it and return to the normal view.

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