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Securing electronic financial transactions.


Plastic cards have become the global standard for electronically purchasing goods and services. In the last 20 years insecure magnetic stripe and embossed numbering systems have been replaced by a secure electronic system of data and keys held on the smart card’s embedded chip. This standard was established and has been championed by EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa). These secure cards can be issued locally, for example in branch at the point of account opening, using desktop card printers fitted with the appropriate EMV encoding devices.

Logical access

EMV bank cards can be used with a logical access control reader to provide multi-factor authentication to online banking services. In addition to a password, the account holder can be asked to present a smart card with secure electronic keys to identify themselves; and for the highest level of transactional security, a biometric (with the template stored on the card) can also be requested.

Physical access

Bank cards based on a smart card platform can be used to access banking facilities such as out-of-hours deposit boxes or cash machine foyers, typically by fitting an appropriate smart card reader to the point of access.

Electronic signature capture for payment solutions and document management

The constant evolution in business and commerce makes it possible payment methods are increasingly competitive in terms of innovation, speed and quality.

Payment Solution and Fast, Effective and Safe Documentation Management

  • Display that allows to show messages from a host to know that their transactions have been received
  • Signatures are captured in seconds and for diferent reasons: Payments, signatures and documentation validation, even in trips
  • High performance with a modern and compact design

The customer comes to establishment and managing the rental vehicle through the Store software, when the documentation is ready device uses electronic signature to validate the documents and pay the rental.
The store clerk simply print the documents given to the customer and document management fits digitized, holding and management of the most comfortable documentation.

Terminals of electronic signature capture allows reducing excessive payments management roles that favor neither the company nor the environment. On the other hand, directly it increases the quality of service because everything is faster and therefore more effective.

Other possible applications with the signature capture terminals:

  • Retail: payment and customer loyalty programs
  • Gyms: ups and downs
  • Administration services: collecting parcels
  • Hospitality and Tourism: check-in and check-out, recruiting trips
  • Renting: car rental
  • Companies: contracts, employees and visitors registration
  • Healthy centers: ups and downs, admission documents and medical registration
  • Universities and learning centers: registration and tuition