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Oracle Cloud for Utilities

Immediate Value, Powerful Cloud—Oracle Utilities Cloud
Meet evolving business and technology needs faster and with less risk, while reducing IT cost and workload. Oracle Utilities delivers immediate value through the power of the cloud.

Comprehensive Meter Solution
Preconfigured Solution
Leverage embedded business processes, automated data-synchronization across systems, and implementation accelerators
Multi-Source Data Capture
Take advantage of prebuilt integration with AMI systems and smart grid devices to support advanced network management
Complex Billing Support
Support complex billing with clean, accurate data and implement new rate structures with ease
Meter Operations Performance
Utilize market-leading meter data management with an intuitive user interface
Scalable, Flexible
Leverage top-tier capabilities built to support utilities of any size and any service type

Mobile Workforce
Efficient Mobility
Get planning, scheduling, and dispatching for all mobile resources
Optimized Planning
Ensure field service representatives are at the right place, at the right time, with the right resources
Field Performance
Use embedded analytics and prebuilt reports and dashboards
Appointment Scheduling
Fit customer needs with configurable, flexible scheduling

End-to-End Analytics
Immediate Insight
Utilize prebuilt dashboards and reports designed for utilities
Leverage easy-to-use ad hoc reporting
Full Platform Business Intelligence
Gain insight across utility technology systems with embedded analytics
Advanced Analytics
Use Data Science Services for key utility challenges

Customer Experience
Customer Engagement
Leverage Opower’s engagement expertise across the network
Modular CX
Leverage CX solutions including Marketing, Sales, Service, and more
Omni-Channel Communication
Supports integrated, consistent engagement across channels
Integrated Solution
Integrate with market-leading Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing

Platform as a Service
Simplified IT
Deploy a fully configured infrastructure and database to run mission-critical utility applications
Efficient Platform Maintenance
Automate ongoing updates and maintenance
Project PaaS
Easily stand up development and testing environments