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Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Planning

Modern Supply Chain Planning Solution
Interactively balance demand and supply to improve supply chain responsiveness and achieve superior business performance.

Plan Global Supply Chain
Statistically forecast based on historical patterns and improve forecast based on sales and marketing inputs. Estimate demand for new items. Monitor and manage forecast accuracy.
Plan Inventory
Buffer against variability in demand with safety stock. Ensure projected inventory levels do not dip below safety stock levels.
Plan Supply
Plan entire multi-tier supply chain including in-house and outsourced manufacturing. Evaluate material shortages and resource overloads and recommend adding or changing buy, make, and transfer orders.

Monitor Supply Chain Performance
Review summary of business metrics, compare actual performance to objectives, and understand the problem areas and segments.
Use embedded, multi-dimensional analytics to drill-down and isolate high-priority supply chain issues and exceptions to focus on.
Resolve the issues and exceptions by making changes and by collaborating with other planners and the extended team.
Respond to Supply Chain Changes
Identify opportunities to further improve performance and evaluate what-if situations. Analyze at-risk orders due to demand and supply changes in-between the planning cycles.
Prioritize at-risk demands to maximize the dollar-value impact to your organization while minimizing disruptions to your supply chain.
Use automation to release the planning decisions for execution in Supply Chain Management Cloud or manually release quick fix supply order changes.

Execute in Supply Chain Cloud
Improve decisions by quickly harnessing the collective intelligence of the enterprise by collaborating online with Oracle Social Network.
Enable best practice Plan-to-Produce processes through integration with Supply Chain Management Cloud. Reduce the data latency between planning and execution.
Adapt the planning application as your business evolves through easily configurable user interface, analytics, and the scope of planning.