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Oracle Cloud SCM Analytics

Power a Highly Efficient Supply Network through Strategic SCM Analytics
Streamline daily operations and strategically optimize the responsiveness of your supply network through industry proven SCM best practices, pre-built dashboards, reports, and metrics.

Proactive Problem Solving
Shift from reactive to proactive decision-making through early visibility into order fulfillment, inventory, and costing
Innovation Management
Track and monitor the organization’s Innovation Management performance — track the execution of ideas and inventions into profitable offerings for customers
Real Time Analysis
Gain real-time insight into inventory balance, savings from order discount policies, and more to maximize customer satisfaction and revenue
Supply Chain Optimization
Get clarity on the status of open orders, potential collections, invoices on hold, and more to effectively satisfy customer demand

Workload Details
Understand on-hand balances by organization or locator, late shipments, and identify improvements to ensure optimal product availability
Supply Chain Bottleneck Management
Diagnose bottlenecks through visibility into “Orders on Hold”, in-transit amounts, delayed purchase receipts, and more
Order Fulfillment
Track which shipments of an order are due today or tomorrow, what shipments are closed for a sold-to customer to identify, and resolve exceptions with self-monitoring projects
Portfolio Management
Manage portfolio and investment allocation for proposals

Operational Users
Get clear visibility on the number of lines in fulfillment currently in backlog
Late and On-hold Orchestration
Gain insights into the number of late and on-hold orders in the system
Insight-Driven Supply Chain Management
Make informed decision via real-time visibility into on-hand balances for items, orders, and pending actions
Product Governance
Gain insights into product governance activities such as item batch imports, new product introduction aging, and change orders status