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Oracle Cloud Sales Performance Management

Sales Performance Management
Execute strategies to boost performance: Improve sales effectiveness and achieve targeted revenue goals with Oracle Sales Performance Management Cloud.

Plan and Optimize
Balance Territory Coverage: Model territory definitions, analyze potential, and uncover gaps and overlaps
Assign Meaningful Targets: Optimize sales rep performance with top-down and bottom-up quota planning
Design Incentive Plans: Align incentive plans with performance measures and sales strategy

Motivate and Reward
Use Performance Tactics: Employ accelerators, thresholds, and gates to compensate targeted behaviors
Use Games to Drive Sales: Transform mundane tasks into engaging programs using badges, leader boards, and other game mechanics
Recognize Top Performers: Highlight and reward top sales reps with monetary or non-monetary awards

Coach and Train
Promote Best Practices: Identify successful selling techniques and coach average and below average performers
Tailor Sales Coaching Plans: Develop individualized coaching plans and track progress against objectives
Nurture Sales Knowledge: Prescribe online learning and leverage powerful collaboration tools for sales training