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Oracle Cloud for Hospitality

Deliver World-Class Service with Oracle Hospitality Cloud Solutions
Empower excellence in guest experience and engagement, strengthen brand consistency, and reduce the complexity of IT management by centralizing technology solutions with Oracle’s Hospitality Cloud Services.

Enterprise Solutions
Integrated System
Provide capabilities hospitality operators need to enhance guest experiences and improve operational efficiency with comprehensive, next-generation solutions
Centralized Management
Easily and efficiently manage business across multiple locations while reducing IT complexity
Streamlined Operations
Streamline managerial tasks and increase speed of service, while elevating the guest experience
Lower Cost of Investment
Ensure high performance with scalability that allows you to grow your business without capital expenditure

Gift and Loyalty
Guest Loyalty Maximized
Increase repeat business and visibility to guest frequency and trends with powerful loyalty and rewards programs
Personalized Service
Get to know your guests and deliver exceptional experiences with targeted loyalty programs
Advanced Profile Management
Gather and manage guest data in centralized databases shared across the enterprise
Intelligent Campaigns and Promotions
Create flexible, tailored loyalty programs to provide the right offers to the right customers

Reporting and Analytics
Cross-Enterprise Insights
Gain an understanding of business performance from data captured across functional areas of the enterprise
Increased Data Visibility
Organizes and consolidate business critical data into easy-to-view reports and dashboards
Informed Business Decisions
Evaluate performance, measure success against forecast, and make business critical decisions in real-time
Easy Access to Real-Time Data
Access actionable data from anywhere using Oracle MICROS InMotion Mobile companion application

Cloud-Enabled Mobile Solutions
Enhanced Guest Engagement
Remove boundaries between staff and guest for maximum interaction and enhanced customer experience
Increased Speed of Service
Reduce queues and wait times by delivering immediate service right to your guest
Handheld to Stationary Conversion Capability
Provide hardware with the ultimate flexibility and ease of use for hospitality operators
Empowered Staff Delivers Service Anywhere
Supply unparalleled productivity for managerial and staff procedures on-the-go