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Oracle Cloud Global Human Resources

Increase Global Agility with Global Human Resources
Gain operational excellence and increase agility with a single global human resources instance that aligns common HR processes while supporting local compliance and process needs across multiple countries

Human Resources
Core HR
Manage employment for organizations large and small
Easily access information and analyze workers’ skills
Workforce Directory
A complete view of your organization and place to connect with people
Support and maintain local operations for more than 200 countries and territories

Work Life Solutions
My Volunteering
Engage in company volunteer projects
My Reputation
Analyze social influence within your workforce
My Wellness
Promote a healthier work-life balance
My Competitions
Manage fun competitions that help drive business goals
Workforce Management
Time and Labor
Track, monitor, and increase accuracy of time reporting
Leave Management
Implement absence and leave policies globally or locally
Project Management
Align skills and experience levels that leverage your global resource pool, yet optimize staffing utilization and strategies

Workforce Rewards
Design and deliver tailored compensation programs for global and local organizations
Tailor your global benefits solution from simple to highly complex plans
Streamline payroll administration—comply with local taxation and payroll rules locally and globally
Sales Compensation
Manage variable sales compensation plans for complex sales organizations
Human Resource Optimization
Workforce Predictions
Forecast performance to more accurately predict outcomes and lead to better decision-making
Workforce Modeling
Plan, model, and deliver optimized, large-scale organizational changes faster and with greater certainty

Human Resource Analytics
Business Insight
Get relevant, context-driven business insight with embedded analytics, role-based dashboards, and ad hoc reporting
Enterprise Analytics
Leverage more than 900 metrics to answer complex workforce concerns and compare your organization relative to others