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Oracle Cloud Data Cloud Verticals

Experts in Industry Verticals
Providing data alone is not enough. With Oracle, you’ll have a data partner that can add value whenever and wherever you need it, with proven expertise in your industry verticals—because before you can transform a business, you need to understand its industry.

While consumers spend more and more time on digital devices, 90% of their dollars are still spent offline. We help leading retailers connect online and offline worlds to better understand and engage buyers.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
Reach buyers at the brand, category, and basket level, connected through our proprietary Oracle ID Graph, with the highest accuracy in the industry.
Driven by the car-buying lifecycle, our audience segmentation for in-market targeting is very accurate. Partnering with IHS Polk, we utilize in-market timing signals from offline and online sources.

Connect with customers and tailor campaigns as they move through the lifecycle from prospects, to customers, to loyal customers and discontinued customers.
Connect with B2B technology buyers in market for new solutions. Use our OnRamp onboarding solution to reach your existing customers and engage them across the lifecycle.

Business-to-Business (B2B)
Successful B2B marketing requires driving awareness and engagement with the right decision makers throughout long sales cycles. Oracle B2B audiences leverage proprietary insights and strategic partnerships with leading B2B data providers to deliver access to more than 400 million business professionals in the digital channel. Target B2B buyers using over 4000 targeting options, including powerful account-based marketing capabilities.