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Oracle Cloud for Consumer Goods

Power Tomorrow with Breakthrough Planning and Execution
Make the best decisions for your customers and categories with insight-driven planning. Propel optimal execution for your brand, account, and retail teams.

Brand Engagement
Content Preparation
Engage customers by designing interactive brand content
Tailored Delivery
Use social, demographic, and psychographic insights to tailor content and delivery
Shopper Collaboration
Collaboratively plan in-market offers to drive traffic to customer stores
Enhance Innovation
Give consumers a voice in your brand and product innovation

Trade Management
Plan with Insight
Power planning with retail demand signal insights
Align with Marketing
Take advantage of the brand-led activities found in the marketing promotion library
Enhance Profitability
Empower fact based decision making with predictive analysis
Collaborate to Optimize Performance
Embed communication, sharing, team selling and coaching

Retail Execution
Plan Territories
Map individual coverage to overall company objectives
View Priorities
Visualize customer goals and call priorities to guide execution
Execute Calls
Execute merchandising tasks in store with targeted mobility

Modern Service
Engage Consumers
Deliver consistently outstanding service on every channel
Empower Employees
Make every agent a customer hero
Adapt Quickly
Change as often as customers do