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Microsoft Sharepoint

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Microsoft SharePoint: Websites, Intranets and Extranets.

The web is an essential platform for business applications. Public websites, intranets and extranets have become de facto standards in communicating a brand, a marketing campaign, enabling social business, keeping employees informed, involved and engaged, as well as securely interacting with partners to exchange product and pricing information or collaborate on a joint development. The key to every outstanding web solution is separating from the crowd and becoming the center-point of clarity for your intended audience.

Why IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited?

At Ipi Solutions Nigeria Limited, we’ve been refining our web solutions expertise since the advent of the web itself and have built one of the nation’s most successful teams specialized on using Microsoft’s SharePoint. However our most important achievements are our clients’ wins and the competitive advantages gained by employing our unique process for web-based solutions.

What’s so unique?

Our process is unique because it meshes executive stakeholder consensus on what the solution needs to accomplish for the business, user-centered design to create exceptional user experience and adoption, and technology alignment based on both business and technology objectives and constraints. Sound like ‘mission impossible’? It could be–but at IpiSolutions Nigeria Limited, we’ve refined it to be our pattern for success. First, we’ll take you through a fast-paced, three day workshop. We call this The Dozen. It’s a process that takes your executive stakeholders and key users, from “ready to begin” to “bought in” remarkably quickly. During this workshop we’ll also define the main user personas and provide a high level user centered design for your web solution -whether it be a public website, extranet, or intranet. During this brief engagement, Ipi Solutions Nigeria Limited’s creative, technical and user experience experts will burn the midnight oil to help your stakeholder team come to consensus on the solution vision and expected outcomes. Enter Ipi Solutions Nigeria Limited’s unique user centered design experts. We’ll effectively iterate with your team on the visual designs and desired user experiences to establish visual and experience guidance. We then immediately conduct a Technology Alignment workshop, where we’ll bring a breadth of solution expertise together with your technical experts to collaborate based on the input from the Dozen as well as the established user experience and design parameters. The workshop is facilitated with one goal in mind–to make technology decisions aligned with the business and technology objectives and constraints for your particular solution. Meanwhile, the Ipi Solutions Nigeria Limited team is organizing to begin value-based development. This is where we gain the speed you need to grab a competitive edge and get your vision out the door. We quickly iterate on the solution elements, developing the highest value components of the solution first to prove that the solution vision, desired user experience and technology are all working together.

Next, we develop and execute the Countdown. Countdown is a series of activities and deliverables that drive user adoption, generate excitement, and overcome resistance to change. We’ll design a branded experience based on your user personas that will have your end users excited for the launch. Countdown may include posters, news alerts, clever tchotchkes, launch parties, gamification, social engagement, introduction and training videos — whatever suits your users’ needs. It also includes a post launch analysis to help inform any future enhancements you want to consider for your public website, extranet or intranet solution. Meanwhile, your web solution has been developed, tested and is ready for deployment as the Countdown ticks down to launch date.

In the final phase of all SharePoint-based web solution efforts, we bring in support. Whether your IT organization prefers to be completely hands off or could simply use application monitoring and periodic health checks, IpiSolutions Nigeria Limited’s SharePoint Managed Services is here to augment your team so you can keep on doing what you do best–delivering fresh value to your business. Are you ready to capture your audience and be the center-point of information to them? Are you ready to WOW? Engage IpiSolutions Nigeria Limited and get ready to make the web work for you.