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Microsoft Office 365

Efficient collaboration and communication are vital components in the success of every business. Office 365 makes it easier than ever to work smarter, not harder, so you can do your best work. With Office 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, as well as other productivity apps, you can redefine how you communicate and collaborate.

Consistent Experience

Access trusted business applications across your favorite desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets running iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. Review, edit, analyze, and present with a consistent, familiar user experience optimized for your preferred devices.

Safe and Secure

The Office 365 cloud provides high-level security and privacy while ensuring the access control you need.


Work Anytime, Anywhere

Capitalize on the evolving mobile workforce as your business grows. With the Office apps’ integration with Microsoft OneDrive for Business, you can access documents from anywhere, pick up where you left off on whatever device you were working on last, and even coauthor with others when you are on the go.

Synchronize Business

Stay on the same page with distant partners and offsite employees with cloud storage. Cloud storage synchronizes information across different devices with cloud storage so that you and your colleagues are always viewing the latest version of a file no matter where you’re working or what device you’re using.


Real-time Collaboration

Adopt Microsoft OneNote shared notebooks to provide a centralized place where your team can share all project information, including photos, videos, drawings, typed or handwritten notes, screen clippings, and web pages.

Social Connection

Respond more quickly to changing market conditions by supporting open communication – no matter where people work. Connect remote employees and enhance collaboration with Yammer, an enterprise-grade social network.


Simplify Meetings

Conduct meetings more efficiently and productively with Skype for Business. Skype for Business HD video calling, co-authoring, app sharing, and presentations allow the members of your team to actively participate in meetings from anywhere. Skype for Business IM also enables team members to initiate IM chats, share documents, or set up online meetings with just a click or two.

Valuable Insights

Use business intelligence tools that transform dense company data into easily digestible insights that help make informed decisions. Treemap and waterfall charts make it easier to visualize complex data, and they can be published directly to Microsoft Power BI from Excel. Power Pivot features can also help you map different data sets with drag-and-drop ease, and calculate hundreds of millions of rows of data with analysis functionality.

Contribute at the Same Time

Edit and contribute to documents at the same time as your team with real-time co-authoring. When you work together on a Word document, you will see everyone’s edits to text and formatting exactly when they are made. Use the version history to refer back to snapshots of the document throughout the editing process.

Cost Efficiency

Free up time and make the most of your IT budget with Office 365’s cloud-based delivery model reducing, infrastructure costs and eliminating the need for time-consuming implementation, licensing headaches, and software support.


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