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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Social Media

The secret to any great relationship starts with the ability to listen. With Microsoft Social Engagement, you can listen to, analyze, and promote customer engagement on social media. Microsoft Social Engagement integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide customers with a fully connected experience that will delight them and turn them into fans.

Analyze and Act on Market Intelligence

Allow sales, marketing, and customer care professionals listen, gain insights, and more effectively engage with customers across social channels. Measure sentiment across a wide array of social channels to analyze and act on market intelligence.

Allows users to track product, brand, competitors, and campaigns globally and in real time to gain a true understanding of their customers and their business across the social web.


Spot Trends and Identify Key Influencers

Find out how much of the social conversation is about your topics, and how the volume of posts is changing over time. The list of search topics gives quick insight into the buzz and trend of the topics that matter most to you.

Microsoft Social Engagement supports 20 languages and covers a broad range of sources- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, videos, blogs, forums, news syndication, and any source that supports RSS.


Connect with Your Customers

Grow your social media presence by engaging with social communities using rich multimedia. Enable teams to collaboratively respond and drive social activities by leveraging Office Groups to assign posts, share feeds, and share profiles. View profile details for immediate insights on who to engage with.



  • Analyze what people are saying on social media and the news
  • Automatically analyze user’s social posts and identify potential cases, leads, or customer scenarios
  • Engage with social communities using rich multimedia
  • Share social insights across more teams through dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics Marketing
  • Automatically create leads or cases from social posts, right within Microsoft Dynamics CRM