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Business Technology Solutions for Media and Cable Companies

Media and cable companies are looking to streamline their operations and engage their audiences through compelling, personalized content experiences and targeted advertising. IPI Solutions enables collaboration and new mobility scenarios to improve content development, and provide business intelligence and big data for better business insight. Also, a high performance end-to-end cloud platform from IPI improves audience reach and engagement. We deliver business technology solutions for media and cable companies that want to deliver a seamless user experience and take their operations to the next level.

Envision the possibilities

Use powerful analytics to gain insight into changing markets and foresee what’s needed to increase competitiveness and engage customers.

Accelerate service delivery

Deliver new experiences and content rapidly to meet the quickly and constantly changing consumer demands.

Transform to a cloud–first business

Apply powerful tools, platforms, cloud solutions, and a rich partner ecosystem to make the ability to adapt a core business advantage.