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IPI Solutions: Frontier Cloud Computing Services Provider In 17 African Countries

As the global digital age is evolving, companies, individuals and governments are transforming the information technology space to retain their competitive edge.

As expected in the 21st century, companies and governments are increasingly seeking solutions that cater for their unique business solution, technology and user specific requirements.

With the deployment of Information Technology, companies and government operations are driven by efficient, cost-effective, and minimizing risk in complex initiatives.

As the world of productivity and digital usage is on the rise, an organization with the use of Information Technology is aimed at cost reductions, agility for improvement in profits, productivity, device and location independence, and improved security due to centralization of data.

This initiates Cloud Computing; a new form of internet-based computing that provides shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand.

In Nigeria, there has been increased patronage of Cloud Computing as digital transformation is the only way for organisations to adapt in order to meet up with the current trend and this will not be possible without cloud, a powerful enabler.

For this in Africa, IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited has evolved over the years to become one of the most trusted Cloud computing platform solutions in 17 African countries.

IPI Solutions last year was chosen as Microsoft’s 1 Tier partner for its recently introduced Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme for West & Central Africa region and Nigeria.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

That alone provides IPI Solutions the opportunity to provide Microsoft cloud services covering the markets of the Angola, Botswana, Cabo Verde, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Basically, Cloud computing allows the users and enterprises with various capabilities to store and processes their data in either privately owned cloud, or on a third-party server in order to make data accessing mechanisms much more easy and reliable.

Cloud Computing model enable service providers leverage on the power of the cloud to deliver profound Information Technology services with stringent application of international best practices Experts claim that Cloud computing allows companies and Individuals to avoid up-front infrastructure costs.

As well, it enables organizations to focus on their core businesses instead of spending time and money on computer infrastructure.

With IPI Solutions on board, Cloud computing with Microsoft has been made easy comfortable and affordable.

Being a Microsoft CSP allows IPI Solutions to sell Microsoft Cloud Services (Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite and Microsoft) along with their own offerings and services.

Armed with its expertise in Microsoft Azure, the IPI Solutions implements a simple process of designing, publishing web and mobile apps with customer specifics.

Azure makes it easy and quick for businesses to leverage on the power of cloud to deliver cutting edge solutions, improve productivity and Return-On-Investment (ROI).

IPI Solutions own the complete customer life-cycle through direct billing, provisioning, management, and support.

In addition, the CSP program enables IPI Solutions to integrate service offerings with the Microsoft cloud services.

As Microsoft CSP partner, IPI Solutions has developed an ordering portal for Microsoft cloud products where payment can be made either in foreign exchange or the local currency, Naira.

The portal by IPI Solutions is an innovative self-service platform enabling customers and partners to independently initiate and conclude their ordering process online.

The portal is the first comprehensive self-service ordering platform for Microsoft Cloud products in the country. This portal has reduced procurement time, lowered logistics costs and enhanced productivity.

Customers can quickly and conveniently deploy Microsoft Cloud Services with full support from IPI Solutions IPI Solutions has 5 Microsoft Gold competencies including Messaging, Data-center, Cloud Productivity, Small and Mid-market Cloud Solutions, Application Integration. This has enabled IPI Solutions to deliver cutting edge enterprise Information Technology services to clients.

Elaborating on the advantage of Cloud computing, Chief Executive Officer, IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited, Mr. Adamu Garba II, said Cloud computing is the most secure platform any business can depend on.

He expressed that Cloud computing allows individuals and organisations access technology products and services, using any device of their choice by paying for only what they consume He said many companies consider cloud as less secure but it is simply lack of understanding on how cloud services operate.

According to him, businesses that define themselves to giving the right products or services out there to their customers can only be efficiently sustained when they are sitting on the cloud.

“That is why the sustainability of your business today depends on how highly available you are to provide the needed products and services to your customers.

“All reasonable business services cannot afford any downtime below 99.9 per cent and to our record at IPI Solutions, it is only Microsoft that can provide such needed agility. So if you truly want your business to be sustainable you have to be on the cloud,” he said.

Elaborating more, he said, “level of security built around the cloud Computing is unmatched, it is the most secure platform for you to save your data , provided the information you saved is not harmful to the society.”

Aside offering Cloud computing solutions, the indigenous Information Technology firm provides complementary solutions including Technology Advisory Services, Systems Integration, Managed Services, Enterprise Security Solutions, Unified Communication, Disaster Recovery Solutions, Analytics and Large Data Services, Line-of-Business Applications and other related services. In addition to the support services listed above, IPI Solutions offers the following value added services, Free basic setup and configuration services, Free Cloud readiness assessment services, Free Microsoft Azure advisory services.

In addition to the support services listed above, IPI Solutions offers the following value added services, Free basic setup and configuration services, Free Cloud readiness assessment services, Free Microsoft Azure advisory services.

IPI Solutions is customer centric Information Technology firms that understand that any downtime is at a cost of organization in terms of resources- the company ensures that client system is built to maximize up-time and availability.

The Information Technology firm was incorporated out of a necessity to curb the ills that plagued the business technology solution industry, at a time where the norm in the industry was to focus on only sales margin and not on effective and conclusive project delivery.

With the delivery of their professional, technology advisory, system integration, and managed services, IPI addresses the most pressing IT needs. Whether system management, collaboration or unified communications, IPI staff are Microsoft certified and competent experts, who can design the most efficient solution for individual needs—with optimized results and cost savings.

In an instance, one of IPI Solution’s clients’ who had 400 agents nationwide attending to over thousands of customers, was facing issues such as service downtime, frequent user dissatisfaction, and delayed responsiveness to issues.

IPI Solutions ended up recommending that they move to Azure and since deployment, there has been tremendous reduction in customer complaints while the service is always on and connected IPI Solutions has gained recognition from reputable organizations such as African Quality Achievement Award category from African Quality Institute as “Africa’s Most Reliable Quality Business Technology Solution Provider 2016”; “Microsoft Partner of the Year Competency Award 2016” from Microsoft Nigeria; “Top 100 Most Promising Microsoft Solution Provider 2016” by CIO Review, Fremont, California, USA; “30 Fastest Growing Microsoft Solutions Provider 2016” by Silicon Review; International Quality Summit (IQS) Award in “Gold category in Business Prestige and Business Excellence” by Business Initiative Direction (BID), New York, USA; “Africa’s Best Premium Microsoft Product and Services Provider 2017” by African Brand Congress (ABC) and “Most Important Business Excellence award in the world 2017” by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB).

For the future, IPI Solutions aimed at offering unparalleled solutions advantageous both to themselves and their customers, as well as increasing their client base within a vertical market. “We are currently developing our own intellectual property to help integrate solutions for our existing and prospective customers”, Garba added.

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