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Intranets have become a standard in most organizations – however, is your current intranet working for your company? Ask most employees and they say they use their corporate intranet for only basic functions such as viewing the company directory, accessing benefits information, payroll information, and finding the corporate calendar. Utilizing the Microsoft SharePoint platform and associated technologies paired with IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited’s unique approach to building extraordinary intranets that will deliver organizational value by increasing employee engagement, making information search more efficient and relevant, and act as an extension of your company culture, you can turn a moderately useful tool into a resource every employee depends on.

The first step in improving or developing a successful SharePoint intranet- creating a powerful user experience.

Merging people and processes through improved communication and information flow, while delivering a consistent, user rich experience, we develop platforms that facilitate increased employee use and collaboration, saving you operational costs in the long run.

How do we do it?

Discover our unique approach. Fusing stakeholder consensus on the necessary business requirements, integrating user-centered design to create powerful end-user experiences and increased adoption rates, and aligning the technology with your current and future business objectives and constraints, we have a proven methodology that frankly, just works.

Engage with us and let our army of SharePoint and user design experts make your SharePoint intranet become a tool rather than just a virtual employee handbook.