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Securing the efficient organisation of events and conferences.

Physical Access

ID cards for all event attendees can be personalised and issued at the point of entry using desktop ID card printers, smart cards and badging software. Data encoded on to an electronic chip on the card can be used to grant access via turnstiles or card readers located within the event. Access to specific areas, such as VIP lounges, or selected conferences can also be allocated at the point of issuance.

Visual ID

Delegates, exhibitors and contractors can be issued with a visual identifier in the form of an ID card so they can be quickly and easily authenticated for access to the event, at given times or to locations within the event that are available to them. Clearly identifiable, personalised cards can be issued on the spot using desktop ID card printers and easy to use badging software. To prevent fradulent entry, added visual security, such as a HoloKote watermark, can be written to every card printed.


Smart cards can contain specific data about event attendees. Useful information such as contact details, job role and areas of specific interest can all be written to the card’s chip at the point of issuance. This information can be read by organisers or exhibitors to determine the most appropriate people to talk with and to ensure contact at the event can be followed up easily afterwards. Electronic communication between cards can also be a useful networking tool, helping to bring together people with common interests.


Event cards can be programmed with a payment application that enables quick contactless payment for food, drink and other event services, such as Internet access. Delegates could pre-load their cards at the point of entry or VIPs/exhibitors may have some payment tokens already granted by the organisers. Enclosed, event-only payment systems are becoming increasingly popular for large-scale events such as music and sports festivals.

Printing ID Cards for Events with Evolis Card Printers

When we planning an event we want to give the best possible service and attention to visitors, but sometimes control assistance and different access does not allow us to offer as much attention as we would like. But this task is easy with personalized ID access cards.

Double promotion
Managing an event with Evolis cards solutions offer flexibility to customize the cards for events and promote your brand at the same time.

Depending on the needs and the style of event we can print specific cards to access to certain areas or with a limited or unlimited number of passes.

With access cards you can identify the person with the photo and the name that it card have.

Evolis plastic cards printers provide security and access control in events using various encryption technologies such as:

  • Printing of bar codes or QR codes
  • RFID chips without contact

The access cards are used in many events such as:

  • Cinema festivals (Cannes)
  • Meetings and state councils (G20, European Council)
  • Events and conferences with political leaders

Evolis offers a wide range of accessories customs ID cards to protect credentials and make it easy and comfortable to wear, such as:

  • Porta plastic cards
  • Fastening tapes
  • Clips
  • Hooks

There are a great variety of plastic cards printers, but the most adapted for the visitors ID cards are:

Zenius: print of one side, with a production between 500 and 2500 cards per year with a high quality.

Primacy: prepared to print two sides and in high quality, it can print between 2.500 and 30.000 cards per year.

Quantum: prepared to print large quantities of cards (up to 30.000 per year), it prints two sides and in high quality.

Evolis card printers allow realizing your own personalized cards, with as much information as you want, and for as many clients and uses as you want, all this rapidly, simply and in effective way.

  • Identification of all visitors
  • Identification and automatic accesses management
  • Incorporation of any information
  • Speed and easily of printing
  • Evolis compact printers and instant use
  • Brand promotion
  • Excellent communication service
  • Modern and attractive design

For a major permanence and better use of the Evolis card printers we recommend use consumable and original Evolis tapes.

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