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Enterprise Vulnerability Risk Management

Enterprise Vulnerability Risk Management

At IPI Solutions, we deploy RSA Archer Vulnerability Risk Management by taking a big data approach to helping security teams identify and prioritize high-risk threats. Built on the RSA Archer platform, Vulnerability Risk Management helps organizations proactively manage IT security risks by combining asset business context, actionable threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment results, and comprehensive workflows.

The Vulnerability Analytics investigative interface allows IT security analysts to get alerts, explore results, and analyze issues as they arise. A powerful and flexible rules engine highlights new threats, overdue issues, and changing business needs. For business and IT managers, Vulnerability Risk Management’s management module integrates Vulnerability Risk Management analytics with reporting, workflows, and a risk-management framework to enable data-driven security decisions.

Using Vulnerability Risk Management, an organization can effectively manage the entire vulnerability lifecycle—from detection and reporting through remediation and verification.

Key Vulnerability Risk Management capabilities include:

  • Leveraging big data analytics to aggregate, standardize, and analyze massive amounts of IT security data
  • Creating and maintaining an accurate asset catalog
  • Prioritizing and classifying issues based on business context, threat intelligence, and vulnerability scan results
  • Tracking issues over the entire lifecycle – detection, remediation, and verification
  • Managing issues, exception requests, and remediation workflows
  • Assigning, measuring, and reporting on vulnerability program key performance indicators (KPIs)