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Enterprise Threat Management

Enterprise Threat Management

IPI Solutions uses RSA Archer Threat Management to consolidate threat data and reports on threat remediation activities, enabling a consistent, repeatable threat management process.

Powered by the RSA Archer platform, Threat Management documents geopolitical threats, consolidates vulnerability, malicious code, and patch information from security intelligence providers, and captures vulnerability results from scan technologies into a single threat management system.

As a component of your enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (eGRC) program, Threat Management delivers tools to analyze and refine threat data, automatically notify responsible personnel, and proactively address threats before they impact your organization.

  • Decision support – Access information to allocate resources and protect assets.
  • Value – Centralize threat data and follow a consistent, repeatable threat remediation process for high quality at low cost.
  • Code-free integration – Maintain prebuilt integrations with security intelligence feeds, vulnerability scanning devices, and patch management products.
  • Time to value – Implement out of the box with predefined access roles, workflows, reports, and dashboards or tailor through point-and-click configuration.
  • Flexibility – Choose an on-premises or hosted deployment and move between environments as your needs change.