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Enterprise Security Operations Management

Enterprise Security Operations Management

At IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited, we use SA Archer Security Operations Management to provide a framework for enterprises that are deploying a security operations center (SOC). Enterprises can now align investments in technology and people with the framework.

Security Operations Management provides the following functionality:

  • Enables your SOC team to effectively prioritize, collaborate, investigate, and respond to security incidents.
  • Prepare and manage the overall breach response process by identifying key stakeholders, assess breach impact, and manage notifications and call trees.
  • Manage the overall SOC team and process, measure security control effectiveness, and document response procedures and policies.

Advanced threats are the one constant, and organizations need to build the capabilities to respond to intrusions as well as to reduce the amount of time that attackers are in the network. Security Operations Management provides the orchestration layer integrating people, process, and technology to maximize the investment and efficiently respond to security incidents and data breaches.