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Disaster Recovery Service

  • Protect VMware virtual machines—Coordinate replication, failover, and recovery of on-premises VMware virtual machines to Azure
  • Protect physical servers—Coordinate replication, failover, and recovery of on-premises physical Windows and Linux servers to Azure using the Azure Site Recovery service.

What is Azure Site Recovery?

The Azure Site Recovery contributes to your business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy by orchestrating replication, failover and recovery of virtual machines and physical servers. Machines can be replicated to Azure, or to a secondary on-premises data center. Read more about Azure Site Recovery.

How does it protect on-premises resources?

Site Recovery helps protect your on-premises resources by orchestrating, simplifying replication, failover and failback in a number of deployment scenarios. If you want to protect your on-premises VMware virtual machines or Windows or Linux physical servers here’s how Site Recovery can help:

  • Allows VMware users to replicate virtual machines to Azure.
  • Allows the replication of physical on-premises servers to Azure.
  • Provides a single location to setup and manage replication, failover, and recovery.
  • Provides easy failover from your on-premises infrastructure to Azure, and failback (restore) from Azure to on-premises.
  • Implements recovery plans for easy failover of workloads that are tiered over multiple machines.
  • Provides multi VM consistency so that virtual machines and physical servers running specific workloads can be recovered together to a consistent data point.
  • Supports data replication over the Internet, over a site-to-site VPN connection, or over Azure ExpressRoute.
  • Provides automated discovery of VMware virtual machines.