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Digital Transformation in Education Physical Safety and Security

The safety of students, faculty, and staff on campus or on school grounds has become a high priority in many countries. With a shocking number of crimes, arrests, and incidents reported every year, it is hard to ignore the need for a comprehensive system to keep everyone safe.

The effects

Our schools should be a place to teach and learn, free from crime and violence. But unfortunately, when incidents occur, it can have a lasting and sometimes permanent impact far beyond the shock of the initial moment. Not only are he individuals directly involved forever changed, but the effects can be felt by the bystanders, the teachers, and the school itself long after everyone else has moved on. The lasting effects of victimization vary. They can range from feelings of loneliness and depression, to an increase in truancy and a decrease in academic performance. Some students become violent or drop out of school altogether. Teachers can be deeply impacted by an incident, even if it didn’t directly happen to them. They can become professionally disenchanted with their jobs and some may leave the profession altogether. Like you, safety is one of Microsoft’s main concerns when it comes to education institutions. A well executed plan that helps mitigate violence and the affects of violence is the first and best place to focus.

Microsoft Partner Solutions support campus safety

Smart cameras

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Smart cameras do more than just watch people or places. Using real-time video analytics, it is now possible to pinpoint specific faces, key in on
unwanted or suspicious behavior, and pay closer attention to relevant areas at relevant times, while ignoring the immaterial data.

Smart cameras can:

  • Mix local intelligence with centralized data storage and analysis to deduce usage patterns.
  • Use facial, emotion, gender, age, individual, and object recognition  to track attendance.
  • Automatically recognize concerning behavior like fighting or a person lying on the ground using machine intelligence.

Access control

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It has become more important than ever to be able to control and protect specific locations on campus. By integrating advanced security technologies with smart networking capabilities, you can now limit and monitor who has access to what, when. This ensures the right people have access to the right
spaces at the right times.

Access control can:

  • Control access to buildings, dorms, labs, offices, and more without changing lock cores.
  • Seamlessly integrate identity and credentials without major upgrades.
  • Institute visitor management systems to help monitor and protect everyone on campus.


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The ability to respond quickly and efficiently to an incident is much greater when security personnel receive all the information they need to act. When
seconds matter, this system was built to offer quick response times and easy-to-deploy emergency and
evacuation notifications.

Emergency systems can:

  • Create alerts for a number of emergency and non-emergency situations that can be delivered rapidly to students, staff, faculty, and parents.
  • Use geolocation to enable community members to check in, confirm they are safe, and pinpoint the exact location of a problem.
  • Summon help just by tapping with GPS-connected panic buttons apps.
  • Find the closest, most qualified person to respond to an incident with quick dispatch.


stop bullying prevention for no bullies at school work or in the cyber internet

Bullying takes many forms. Non-physical forms
of bullying are some of the toughest to identify.
Bullying, no matter the form, has the power to leave
a victim feeling powerless. With the right programs,
students, parents, teachers, and staff can address or
even prevent bullying in their school.

Anti-bullying programs can:

  • Monitoring student emails and other forms of communication by filtering for keywords related to bullying.
  • Implement Digital Citizenship in Action tool kits in the classroom and make yourself more aware by reading the online bullying study commissioned by Microsoft.