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Custom Development

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Using state-of-the-art tools and a proven methodology to create highly effective user-centered applications, IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited provides rapid functionality delivery and reduced cycle times to minimize project risk and cost while maintaining high-quality results.

How do we do it? Discover the Accelerated Application Approach.

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First, we’ll take you through a fast-paced, three day workshop. We call this The Dozen. It’s a process that takes your executive stakeholders and key users, from “ready to begin” to “bought in” remarkably quickly. We will lead this team to quickly define the full list of system functionality.

We’ll narrow down to the functionality that delivers the most user and business value in an effective application. Get ready for some great debates augmented with a quantitative assessment of measurable and perceived value to bring the group to a consensus on the 20% of overall desired functionality that will bring you 80% of the application’s achievable value.

During this workshop we’ll also define the main user personas and provide a high level user centered design for your application.

Next comes the fun part – designing this high-value functionality into an application that people love to use. Your executive stakeholders have bought into the functionality set, and now we’ll let Ipi Solutions Nigeria Limited’s unique user centered design discipline lead the way.

We’ll quickly iterate on the appearance and user experience with you while our technical architects begin building the functionality behind the scenes. These quick iterations on the most highly valued functions is where the speed that only Ipi Solutions Nigeria Limited’s Accelerated Application Framework comes from. You’ll soon be asking yourself why you haven’t been leading projects with user centered design disciplines!

In the third phase of the Accelerated Application Framework, we develop and execute the Countdown. Countdown is a series of activities and deliverables that drive user adoption, generate excitement, and overcome resistance to change.

We’ll design a branded experience based on your user personas that will have them excited for the arrival of this solution. Countdown may include posters, news alerts, clever tchotchkes, launch parties, gamification, introduction and training videos — whatever suits your users. It also includes a post launch analysis to help inform the future of the application.

Meanwhile, the application has been developed, tested and is ready for deployment as the Countdown ticks down to launch date.

In the final phase of the Accelerated Application Approach we bring in support. Whether your IT organization prefers to be completely hands off or could simply use application monitoring and periodic health checks, IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited’s Managed Services are here to augment your team so you can keep on doing what you do best; delivering fresh value to your business.

It’s a proven process developed over 7 years of line of business application development. It takes a unique set of deep, efficient technical expertise that integrates with user centered design gurus.

It delivers the functionality that really matters to your business. It’s Ipi Solutions Nigeria Limited’s Accelerated Application Framework; it is fast, cost effective, and it is your ticket to being a hero for your company.

Call us now, schedule a time to chat, or learn more through case studies and application sheets based on this unique approach.