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Crater 365 is a suite of solutions that brings Collaboration into Process Automation and Electronic Documents Management System (EDMS). An intranet custom built to suit your requirements in order to accomplish;

Messaging and collaboration

Crater 365 has the efficiency and tools to ensure seamless collaboration within the organization, delivers e-mails, file sharing, calendaring, events and group conversation.

Process Automation

Crater 365 was custom built to suit your requirements in order to accomplish the control of workflow/function, it allows you the integration of data and systems, tasks distribution and real time monitoring.

Corporate Intranet

It reinforces your brand and values, improves internal communication, document management/up to date storing, hassle free sharing among the employees, simplifies employee onboarding, provides organizational clarity and encourages knowledge

Data Statistics and Analytics

To store all the incoming data, an organization needs to have adequate data storage in place, security infrastructure, data encryption, user authentication and other access controls. It also helps in collecting appropriate quantitative data and give organization insights to make better informed business decisions.

Document Management System

With Crater365 DMS you have a better backup and disaster recovery, enhanced security, improved regulatory compliance, manages the storage, publishing, organizing, indexing and easier retrieval of documents in the organization.

Learning Management

Crater 365 learning management was designed to identify training/learning. It enables you the ability of enrolling learners, creating training programs or learning and development programs, planning, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses.

Governance Risk and Compliance Management

Has the established guidelines to manage performance and control of data, compliance operations and disclosures, risk mitigation programs, incorporate regulations and continual update.

Automated Reporting

Consolidating data across sources, crunching numbers and creating reports can be a tedious process. With Crater365 you can automate workflows, get through the next reporting period with ease, delivering updates to your clients faster without adding more resources or hiring new analyst

Version 1.0

Corporate Intranet Design & Customization: This is a collaboration system that brings people, activities and work process of an organization under one corporate social umbrella. Some of its features include; giving information, its policies, staff handbook and structure; provides a medium to share news, projects tasks and happenings in an organization; reminds staffs of upcoming events, birthdays included and room to have joined conversations.

Version 2.0

Internal Process Automation & Control: It is a system that converts manual processes to convenient, very easy to adapt automated processes. Some of its features include; leave requests; petty-cash requests; performance appraisals; idea management; travel requests; board/meeting room request; careers and internal vacancies.

Version 3.0

 Electronic Document Management System (EDMS): This is used for management of documents, it also provides co-authoring, document approval, it safely stores documents in the cloud, scanning of existing documents to cloud document library and so much more.

Definition of EDMS

Version 4.0

The Application; after an extensive work to perfect the processes – from version 1.0 to 3.0, we have developed an app with the whole process so our clients will have the option of downloading on their devices and access their cooperate intranet and stay connected anywhere and anytime.