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Connected Collaboration

Connected Collaborations

Widen the ideation pipeline and align investment

Ideas aren’t formed in a vacuum. With Office 365, you can engage everyone from employees to trusted partners in a highly collaborative, open discussion forum to identify new products and services. You can also create visualizations using market and social data from multiple sources to enable breakthrough insights into consumer behavior and market trends. See how a connected workforce helps your organization be more innovative and agile.

Identify and hone the right ideas

Teams and partners can use collaborative, secure workspaces to co-create proposals and fast-track innovation, while protecting company IP and helping to reduce ramp-up costs. Teams can create and share rich visualizations of business insights with stakeholders to help drive more informed decisions. Learn how collaboration fuels innovation and agility.

Execute and accelerate time to market

When you’ve found the right idea, you can pull together effective, virtual collaborative teams quickly. Team members can move seamlessly between all types of communications—from anywhere, using any device—to work with experts and trusted partners to solve problems faster, minimize disruptions, and share answers. Enabling virtual teams can also help you lower costs. Watch how Skype for Business enables a connected workforce.

Empower your mobile workforce

Tools for our cloud-first, mobile-first world.
Office 365 is a modern, mobile productivity platform, enabling your employees to be productive and secure anywhere, any time, on any device. Empower teams with the most complete and familiar set of tools optimized for on-the-go productivity.

Innovate with connected collaboration

Transform your culture to stay ahead
With Office 365, you can enable a better connected workforce that can transform your organization’s culture into one that is more agile and better equipped to innovate, so you can outpace the competition.

Trusted cloud for productivity

Industry-leading cloud security
Simply put, we respect your privacy. You own your data and we don’t use it for any other purpose. The Microsoft cloud can provide your business with cloud security resources that you’ve only dreamed of and we are constantly innovating to keep your users and their devices safe. Office 365 provides you with the capabilities you need to stay in control.

Maximize sales productivity

Stay focused. Win faster. Build trust.
In a world where buying decisions are made before you can even engage, salespeople must adapt. A sales solution needs to help salespeople adapt easily so they can sell effectively in this new world and become trusted advisors. The combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, and Power BI drives sales productivity by making teams highly connected and collaborative.