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Code of Business Ethics

IPI’s Ethical Compass

The IPI Code of Business Ethics defines and underpins conduct that is centered on our guiding core values, unswerving with our policies and practices, and essential to IPI’s legal and governing conformity obligations. IPI clients can count on IPI to guard their data with individual and definite plans. Affiliate partners, Microsoft and Oracle, can count on IPI to be a leading digital innovator with a strong reputation for credibility.

The IPI Code of Business Ethics is the precinct that guides each of her employees and consultants to live IPI’s corporate values to its fullest, to espouse company policies and to adhere to legal requirements. The Code of Business Ethics sets clearly defined expectations of what it means to innovate; it provides detailed examples and points to helpful resources. The IPI Code of Business Ethics helps us achieve results for our clients and their customers the ethical way.

IPI‘s Ethics and Conformity Scheme

IPI’s undertaking to ethics is shown in the fabric of our organization:

  • IPI’s CEO has established the Ethics and Conformity scheme, supervised by leaders across the business who serve on the Ethics and Conformity Council.
  • IPI’s CEO presides over the Ethics and Conformity Council and the Council regularly reports to the CEO.
  • IPI’s Ethics and Conformity team offers counsel, investigation support, incisive training and management for a diversity of ethics and compliance-related concerns.

Report a Complaint

There are various channels provided to report a violation of the IPI Code of Business Ethics and or any serious matter where the crucial interest of IPI or the integrity of IPI’s people is at stake.

While complainants can chose to remain anonymous for security purposes, IPI request additional information to be able to resolve cases decisively and quickly. Here are three options for reporting a concern: