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Business Intelligence

A3 enables organizations to rapidly realize their enterprise BI strategy via an agile, accurate, and accelerated methodology. A3 brings key business players into the development cycle, delivers usable BI assets often and early, and allows accuracy sooner than is typically realized in most BI projects.

Jump Start
As with any technology solution, we start with envisioning. Most BI projects or initiatives start with some data issues or concerns in a key information center.

Key Information Centers – Plan, Prototype, and Build
A key information center can be any part of the business that has data relevant to the entire enterprise. Once we have identified one or more key information centers, we refine pertinent BI requirements via production-ready prototypes.

One of the differentiating benefits of A3 is our requirements gathering process. We build production-ready prototypes of the BI solution to gather requirements.

By doing so, we put the solution in the hands of key users sooner and equip them with the tools to refine the solution prior to a formal development cycle.

Enterprise BI Strategy
With A3 we never lose sight of the foundational elements for an enterprise BI strategy including a data warehouse, data marts, enterprise reporting platform, enterprise data integration, and analytic.

When production-ready prototypes have been fully refined by business users and have additional technical requirements such as security, performance, and scalability – we then “fold them” into the enterprise BI platform.