Benefits of Cloud Computing to NGO’s

July 6, 2017
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July 6, 2017 IPI Solutions Limited

As we have observed over the years, Cloud computing is changing the way we work and the way we communicate through technology networks. Nowadays, almost every business operating through cloud computing services, so it is no wonder schools, charities, non-profit and non-governmental organizations are using it as well. This post is going to show how NGO’s can benefit from Cloud Computing.

  • Low-cost computing: A huge challenge that NGOs often face is low capital or funds that are needed to build the necessary infrastructure. With cloud computing you can effectively address this issue, it provides low computing with low capital. You can also avoid wastage because you can use the pay-per-use model, which allows you to pay only for the space you use. You can quickly setup world-class technologies and only pay for the services used.
  • No IT staff required: With the low capital involved in managing an NGO, you can’t afford to employ an army of people in your IT department. The cloud is much easier to manage, it requires much less in-house IT support because the hosting provider takes care of installs, upgrades, backups and standard maintenance for you. No servers need to be researched, purchased, maintained, or recycled.
  • Convenience: Staff and volunteers can access their applications from anywhere with Internet connection. No more setting up VPNs or systems to allow remote access to your servers.
  • Going Green: Cloud computing is all about virtualization, multi-tenancy, and shared resources that provide more service for the amount of energy expended when compared to in-house, single tenant solutions.
  • World-class technologies at the desk: The cloud brings world-class technologies to your table at cost-effective prices. Cloud computing software’s have amazing analytic tools that can track and analyze big data. This will help you to identify and reach the unreached.
  • Improved collaboration: With cloud computing, NGOs can easily partner with other organizations from anywhere in the world. They can share data easily which will reduce shipping costs and travel time.

A lot of organizations both profit and non-profit are embracing cloud services because of its many benefits and effectiveness. Contact us at IPI Solutions if you want to enjoy these benefits and run your organization more effectively and productively. Hope this post has been helpful to you, please drop a comment below.


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