Benefits of Cloud Computing to Law Firms

July 6, 2017
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July 6, 2017 IPI Solutions Limited

Here at IPI Solutions, we believe that every business and every industry can benefit from technology, they can especially benefit from cloud computing. Cloud computing can transform the way many businesses are run and improve their efficiency and productivity. Law firms aren’t excluded from the many businesses that can benefit from cloud computing. This post is going to discuss some ways law firms can benefit from cloud computing.

  • Security

Moving to the cloud can give you top most security because you can restrict access to your cloud, making sure nothing confidential gets out and no one unauthorized one gets in. It reduces the time spent keeping paper documents in the right hands and it also lessens the hours spent shredding old documents or locking up new ones. The cloud is a perfect place to store confidential documents.

  • Save Costs

Cloud computing helps organizations to cut down on cost. By switching from traditional software that often comes with hidden costs and fees to a cloud, law firms can save costs without sacrificing quality. Cloud computing also offers a pay as use policy which is very economical.

  • Increase Efficiency

Having to pore through documents that are stored in desks and boxes can decrease efficiency. So, moving to a cloud where everything can be found at the click of a button is a great way to increase efficiency.

  • Increased Data and Analytics and Better Management

Use of cloud architecture and services can allow the firm to efficiently collect data about its practice and its staff, enabling the firm to better devise ways to increase its productivity and profits. For instance, a cloud-based practice can more easily and accurately track and analyze metrics such as utilization of software applications and platforms and an attorney’s time. These metrics can, in turn, be used to make firm-wide overhead decisions such as staffing, and whether or not to offer alternative billing for certain tasks.

  • Accessibility and Mobility

Working from the outside of the firm’s base office has become an essential tool for productivity and attracting employees. An attorney’s ability to review documents on the road and to retrieve information while in court or at a client meeting is an important aspect of running a profitable practice. With a cloud-based system, all of a firm’s data is saved, cataloged, and indexed in a centralized location and maintained securely, so long as the firm has done its due diligence as to security requirements for industries with such regulations, such as finance and healthcare.

  • Customization

Each law firm works a little bit differently. Therefore, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions with regard to increasing productivity and profits at a firm. However, by moving to the cloud, a firm can build a custom solution that allows it to optimize the productivity of its attorneys and staff, generating higher profits. Customization also means that the firm will not have to buy new software or worry about interoperability every time it needs to add a new feature to its practice. Rather, the firm can engage the cloud provider in a discussion about what solution works best for their firm and can make the necessary changes to its existing platform if the need arises.

Well, there you have it! Those are just some of the ways cloud computing can benefit law firms. For more information on cloud computing and how it can transform your business. Please contact us at IPI Solutions.

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