Benefits of Cloud Computing in the Healthcare Industry

July 5, 2017
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July 5, 2017 IPI Solutions Limited

Today I would be sharing a previous post with you on the benefits of Cloud Computing in the Healthcare Industry. You would discover that Cloud computing isn’t just an IT thing; cloud computing can benefit every industry in today’s world. Today’s post on cloud computing would focus on how it can benefit the health care industry. From previous posts, we have seen how a man named Ziad Sankari and his team created a lifesaving heart monitoring device for cardiac patients, we also saw how a Children’s Mercy app was used to bring home doctors virtually with babies born with heart diseases. These devices and apps were created with the help of cloud technology and there are so much more ways the cloud can benefit the healthcare industry. As a doctor, healthcare administrator, nurse, hospital owner etc., it is important you know how cloud computing can be used to save lives and increase productivity. Here are some ways they can benefit the Healthcare industry:

  • Electronic Records

Most hospitals in Nigeria store patient data in hard copy. Data stored in hard copy form can easily be damaged or lost, destroying vital information needed to treat a patient in future. Storing and managing patient data like that creates room for mistakes and oversights that can cause a patient his or her life. Cloud computing makes it easier to archive and use patient records, it improves access, increases storage capability, and boost security. Cloud computing would ensure that patient data dating back to decades can always be accessed.

  • Security within the Cloud

Hardcopy storage is not secure, it is easy to gain access to files stored in hard copy form, even files stored on computers without being stored on a cloud can easily be accessed and lost. Fires or floods and other forms of disasters can happen at any time. The cloud gives you a secure way to store your data, with cloud computing you can ensure your data is encrypted and securely backed up, you also know that it can be easily recovered, and using permission-based data access.

  • Saving On Data Storage

Another big problem with hard copy storage is that it requires a large amount of space to store your data, with the cloud users can to save money by minimizing in-house storage needs. The information also becomes more accessible from various locations, and even if something happens on-site, the data is still preserved.

  • Streamlined Collaboration

With cloud computing, doctors can collaborate and offer care as a team. Through mobile devices, video conferencing, and applications built specifically for health care organizations, the cloud speeds things up and allows better communication at a distance.  Cloud computing allows referrals to specialists happen in a timelier manner. Healthcare service providers can easily access complete patient history and information online, they can also repeat diagnostic tests, saving time, money, and patient stress. Doctors can also communicate with their patients faster; patients would be able to receive the expertise they need when they need it. Doctors can even communicate with patients far away from their location like in rural areas.

There are so much more ways cloud computing can benefit the healthcare industry. As a heath care provider your goal is to improve the quality of care given to your patient, cloud computing can help you achieve that goal. You can contact IPI Solution and we can help you to increase your productivity, to work more efficiently and to save more lives.




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