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Banking and Capital Markets

Banking & Capital Markets

A changing industry landscape is unlocking new opportunities, and financial institutions are looking beyond the near term to drive profitability and growth through sustainable innovation. IPI Solution’s¬†technologies are enabling this wave of innovation to meet new customer expectations, improve transparency, meet regulatory requirements, and stay competitive against non-traditional industry entrants.

Omni-Channel Experience

IPI Solutions supports financial institutions with omni-channel delivery solutions to increase customer profitability and build customer loyalty, by enabling them to be present in the financial lives of their customers any time, any place, across any channel or device.


IPI Solutions supports financial institutions with analytics solutions to deliver breakthrough insight into business performance and profitability, turn customer sentiment into opportunity, provide an integrated view of risk exposure, monetize market data, and capitalize on the Internet of Things.

Employee Mobile & Digital Experiences

IPI Solutions supports financial institutions with productivity solutions to optimize sales and service and streamline operations, by enabling a connected view of customer and market opportunities, improved communication and collaboration, and contextual mobile experiences for employees.