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Azure Stack

Microsoft’s Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud platform that enables you to convey almost all Azure’s practicality to your on-premises data centers. It helps with versatility.

Benefit of Azure Stack

Microsoft Azure stack conveys commanding benefits to all businesses. Instead of purchasing loads of corporeal servers and thinking about security hardening, updates and backups, you can pay Microsoft to take care of the back-end plumbing for you.

– Transfer from capital infrastructure cost to operational costs by using a pay-per-use consumption cloud model.
– Your own piece of public Azure in a box with dedicated performance, dedicated security under your control.
– The new Cloud model delivers continuous integration and deployment of applications.
– By using pay-per-use practices, it drives business towards a stable profit center instead of fluctuating cost center.

– Extend your environment to Azure or to other Azure Stacks in a different rack, room, datacenter, city, country or continent
– Hyper-Scale to Azure when you need more capacity in case of an event. Only pay for the resources used.
– Connect your existing Azure Pack (WAP) environment with the WAP connector and manage WAP IaaS through Azure Stack.
– Create true Hybrid cloud apps by using load-balancing across two locations.
– Geo-graphical benefits. Host compute frontends in Azure in multiple regions, host backend data locally in Azure Stack.

– Consistent portal experience and developer/admin tools for every platform.
– Consistent administrative and cloud service API’s, that work the same way in any cloud
– Use existing third-party marketplace items developed for Azure by Microsoft partners in Azure Stack’s marketplace
– Microsoft guarantees the consistency between clouds with regular update release cycles, so you do not need to spend resources attempting to do that on your own.

– Oversubscribing is under your control.
– Provides a secure Azure environment without any other tenants.
– Design your network setup
– The network is local to you, no fee for network traffic.